Russia suspends gas supply to Germany

Moscow: Russia has once again temporarily suspended gas supplies to Germany citing maintenance work.

According to foreign media, Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom says that Nord Stream gas supply has been stopped for repair work, and work on the gas compressor unit will begin today and will continue for three days.

The energy company says the supply disruptions are necessary for routine maintenance but have been exacerbated by logistics complications caused by Western sanctions on Russia.

On the other hand, European countries including Germany are of the opinion that Russia is using energy resources as a weapon against Europe.

Klaus Müller, the head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, described Russia’s gas shutdown as “technically incomprehensible”, saying the experience showed Moscow was “making a political decision in the name of care”.

He said that they are already prepared for a possible shutdown, Germany has 85% gas reserves, which can be used even in winter.

Klaus Müller said that they are saving gas, LNG terminals are also coming up, gas needs are being met thanks to Belgium, Netherlands and Norway.

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