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Russia successfully launches the Luna-25 probe to reach the lunar south pole for the first time

Russia successfully launches the Luna-25 probe to reach the lunar south pole for the first time

Almost half a century later, Russia did it again conquest of the moon in search of water and other natural resources. The launch of the Luna-25 probe with the aim of being the first country to land on the moon lunar south pole, It has been successfully completed and will reach Earth satellite orbit in a few days.

The automated station was launched at 2310 GMT from the Vostochni Cosmodrome in far eastern Russia towards the uncharted South Pole of the Moon.

The Russian Luna-25 is the successor to the Soviet Luna-24, which was the third spacecraft to collect samples from the lunar surface in August 1976. The ship equipped with solar panels has cameras and the target is search for water, Take surface samples and study the lunar layer.

The mission had continuously suffered Delays since 2019The decision by the European Space Agency to end cooperation with the Russian program last year due to the war in Ukraine also contributed to this.

The first to land on the lunar south pole

With this mission, Russia wants to be the one first space machine to land on the moon at the moon’s south pole, which the India-launched Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft will do on August 23.

“We hope to be the first,” Yuri Borisov, head of the Russian space agency Roscomos, said today.

The probe has a mass of 1,800 kilos, 31 of which are scientific devices. It will reach lunar orbit in four or five days.

He then has to maneuver around the celestial body, which is around 100 kilometers high, for almost a week in search of the ideal elliptical orbit Landed on August 21stBorisov advanced.

As Roscosmos explained, Moon-25 will land north of Boguslawski Crater in an area of ​​rugged relief and adverse conditions.

A Soviet spacecraft, Luna-2, was the first to land on that satellite as early as 1959, a feat the US imitated years later with its Ranger program.

Find water in the form of ice

He Goal The mission, which will last around 12 months, is designed to develop lunar landing technology surface samples – will return to Earth with 170 grams of lunar soil and study the exosphere and upper layer of regolith – including relief, its strength and composition – and lunar dust.

In addition, it will have a system of cameras to film the surface of the moon during the moon landing and to record lunar panoramas.

Russia wants to be that too first country to find water on the moon Discovery that could allow human life on this satellite in the future.

According to previous observations, it would be at the South Pole water in the form of ice hidden in craters. Specifically, in 2028 Russia plans to launch the Luna-27 probe, which will be equipped with a perforator.

The water “is almost at the surface, under a small layer of land. There may be other resources, but for that you have to drill into the moon. And so far no one has decided to start this hard work,” said Vladimir Surdin, an astronomer. from Moscow State University, to the official news agency RIA Novosti.

Putin is trying to cheer up the Russians with the success of Luna-25

The successful launch of Luna-25 was used by the Russian government to boost national pride at a time when sanctions against the country due to the Ukraine invasion are tightening and the national currency is suffering sharp devaluations.

the russian president, Wladimir Putinannounced its decision on April 12, on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s escape urgently resume the lunar program, The aim is to use the Earth’s satellite as a platform for exploring the solar system.

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