Russia steals AstraZeneca vaccine formula with the help of spies: British agencies

London: Russia has been accused in Britain of stealing the AstraZeneca vaccine formula with the help of spies.

Russia has been accused of stealing the design of the Oxford University-developed corona vaccine, AstraZeneca, with the help of a British spy.

British Institutions Daily Mail Online Security sources told British ministers that Russian spies had stolen a blueprint for the AstraZeneca vaccine so that Vladimir Putin could develop a Sputnik vaccine.

According to the report, the purpose of the theft was for Russia to be the first to develop its own corona vaccine. Sources said that the British security agencies had evidence that the person who stole the formula had personal access to it.

It should be noted that when trials for the corona vaccine began in the United Kingdom, just a month later, Moscow announced that their vaccine Sputnik V had been developed.

AstraZeneca has had great success in developing a drug to treat coronavirus

Oxford announced the start of trials on AstraZeneca humans in April last year, Russia said in May. That they have developed their own vaccine, and in August Vladimir Putin announced in a TV interview that Russia had won the race to develop the corona vaccine.

The intelligence agency MI5 had previously said that Russian hackers had made several attempts to launch a cyber attack on Oxford University in March 2020, after it was discovered that the Russian vaccine Sputnik V works exactly like the British vaccine, against Corona. The action of both is the same.

It is unknown at this time what he meant by “stolen” vaccine.

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“We know Britain has the best scientists and research facilities, but Russia probably has the best spies,” Andrew Bergen, a Conservative politician in Britain, told the Daily Mail.


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