Russia says it will respond with ‘all means’ to NATO threats

Moscow (BLAZETRENDS).- Russia will respond with all the means and methods at its disposal to the challenges and threats identified for its security and its interests after the NATO summit in Vilnius.

This was confirmed today by the Russian Foreign Ministry, for whom the results of the summit show that the Atlantic Alliance has returned to the Cold War schemes.

“The results of the Vilnius summit will be carefully analyzed. Taking into account the identified challenges and threats to Russia’s security and interests, we will respond in a timely and adequate manner using all means and methods at our disposal,” Russian diplomacy said in a statement.

He stressed that Russia will also continue to strengthen its Armed Forces and the country’s defense system.

“Centers of instability”

The ministry considers that the Vilnius summit – which made it clear that Ukraine’s future is in NATO, although without giving deadlines, has created a NATO-Ukraine Council and has promised security guarantees to Kiev – “demonstrates that the organization has finally returned to the schemes of the Cold War (…) based on the ideology of dividing the world into “democracy and autocracy”.

In Russia’s view, the West is not ready to tolerate the formation of a multipolar world and intends to defend its hegemony by all available means, including military ones.

In addition, Foreign Affairs accused NATO of promoting “centers of instability”, destroying States and committing “war crimes with impunity”, among other illegal actions.

Zelensky highlights new military aid obtained from his allies in Vilnius

From Ukraine, the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, has highlighted the new military aid in “air defense, missiles, armored vehicles and artillery” obtained from his allies at the NATO summit that concluded yesterday in Vilnius.

“We return home with a good result for our country and, very importantly, for our fighters: a good reinforcement of weapons,” Zelenski said in a regular night address to the nation, recorded from the train that brought him back to Kiev, coming from from the Lithuanian capital.

Zelensky also highlighted the “security guarantees” that the G7 governments – the seven most industrialized democracies in the world – promised to negotiate with Ukraine before the country is accepted into NATO.

Mention to Hungary

The Ukrainian president also stressed that although the Alliance did not offer Ukraine a concrete commitment to be accepted as a member state once the war with Russia is over, all the leaders signed a declaration in which they affirm that the future of the country is in NATO.

“For the first time, not only all the allies agree to this, but a significant majority of the Alliance is working hard for it,” Zelenski said in a tone that contrasts with the one he showed at the beginning of the summit, when he denounced how “absurd” that Ukraine was not going to be offered an accession timetable.

In his speech this morning, the Ukrainian president thanked all the NATO leaders one by one for their help to Ukraine and their aspirations to join NATO. “And Hungary… It has been a summit in which everyone has been quite constructive,” he said, ending on the NATO country that has the worst relations with kyiv.

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