Russia says it has destroyed a Ukrainian military ship in the Black Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday that it had “destroyed” a Ukrainian army ship in the Black Sea that it said was near Russian gas installations. “Tonight the crew of the SU-30cm naval aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet has destroyed a Reconnaissance ship of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​Russian gas production facilities in the Black Sea,” he announced via his Telegram channel.

The ministerial department did not provide any further details on the incident, but it came just moments after it indicated that air defenses had foiled an attack by two Ukrainian drones near Crimea. As a rule, the Ukrainian authorities do not provide any information about their offensives on the Crimean Peninsula, which has been controlled by Russia since 2014. However, several attacks have already been carried out in the area, including several against the Kerch Bridge, the symbolic infrastructure linking the Russian Federation.

In recent weeks, Russian authorities have denounced an increase in Ukrainian attacks on Crimea and the Russian capital Moscow, and even grounded flights from Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport.

Assassinate high-ranking Russian officials

Ukraine continues to increase pressure on Russia. In the last few hours, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military intelligence service (GRU) confirmed that this structure of the Ministry of Defense is actively working on it Liquidation of senior Russian military officials as revenge for the Russian invasion. “We won’t give the surnames or the units, but we will talk about the work of the GUR,” GUR representative Andri Yusov said in an interview with the national news agency Ukrinform when asked about the existence of a unit dedicated to this mission dedicated.

Yusov claimed that the The Russian Federation is “enemy number one” of Ukrainian military intelligence. and explained that this structure also acts in other countries in cooperation with their respective authorities to make those responsible for the Russian military aggression pay for their actions against Ukraine.

The GRU representative said that the Ukrainian military intelligence service is currently actively working towards this goal. “There are many war criminals and there will be no shortage of work,” Yusov said, noting that some of these people will not arrive in time to face an international court or to sit in the Ukrainian court.

The British newspaper The Times recently published an investigation into the existence of one Ukrainian GRU unit called “Shaman” that he would work on eliminating senior Russian military officials in Russia.

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