Russia says 12 Ukrainian servicemen were killed trying to cross the Dnieper

Moscow (BLAZETRENDS).- Twelve Ukrainian soldiers aboard three boats were killed in the last hours in the Ukrainian region of Kherson when they tried to cross the Dnieper river to access the Russian-controlled shore, reported a spokesman for the local authorities appointed by Moscow.

“During the last 24 hours (…) an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to force the Dnieper River near the Sofiyivka settlement was thwarted,” the source was quoted as saying by the TASS agency.

As a result, 3 ships and 12 Ukrainian militants were killed, it added.

According to the representative of the Kherson emergency services, last night Ukrainian forces fired 31 shells at towns under Russian control.

“It is being determined if there are victims or damage,” he said.

The towns affected by enemy artillery fire are New Kakhovka, Kakhovka, Radensk and Sagi, it added.

The Kherson region, split in two by the Dnieper River

The southern region of Kherson is bisected by the Dnieper River. Russia occupies the eastern bank and the kyiv government controls the western bank.

Moscow and kyiv accused each other last month of blowing up the New Kakhovka dam on the Dnieper to gain military advantage in fighting for control of the region.

According to Ukraine, Russia destroyed the infrastructure to hinder the possible Ukrainian advance in the area as part of the counter-offensive that began in early June.

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