Russia: Photos of Polar Bear Island go around the world

These are photos that have gone around the world, those of polar bears having taken up residence in an abandoned station on a small Russian island. Behind these breathtaking images, the story of this group of polar bears is also worth seeing.

Polar bears are at home here. They hurry to the window to see who is coming, they even place themselves on the doorstep as if to welcome a visitor. The eyes of the animals, the dilapidated building, the fog that envelops everything, give a shot of powerful melancholy. It all started by chance, last August, a group of amateur photographers went on an expedition on a boat. Bad weather forces them to take refuge behind a very small island, in the northeast of Russia, called Kolioutchine.

Above, there is normally only a weather station abandoned for thirty years. When suddenly, their drone allows them to see a silhouette at the window. Bears have taken possession of the premises. For two days, they will stay next to the island, to film and take pictures of the bears, staying at a safe distance. They are going to bring back images which today go around the world. Dmitri Koch, amateur photographer, hopes that his photos will force the authorities to launch the big clean-up of the two million empty barrels that have been abandoned in the Arctic.

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