Russia pardons man who beheaded his partner over fighting in Ukraine

Olga Shlamine disappeared on March 20, 2021. Users turned to social media to find out the whereabouts of the 33-year-old woman, who hails from the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. No luck. They found his remains five days later in a forest in the area. First they found his dismembered body, which also had multiple bruises; a few days later they found his head. She had been beheaded by her partner Vyacheslav Samoilovwho admitted hitting Shlamina and said that “he could have killed her”.

In the end it’s me sentenced to nine years and seven months in prison for a murder he committed, according to the Russian judiciary, after beating and strangling her. Prosecutors accused Samoylov of dismembering the body to cover up the crime. He had even burned his clothes and other belongings. Samoilov pleaded partially guilty, but testified in court that the murder was not premeditated.

He remained in prison for the first three months until he was called up by the army to fight in the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine, as part of the mobilization campaign launched by the Kremlin last spring in support of the bleeding wounded. A few months, Samoilov had returned to Russia with a pardondenounced Olga Shlamina’s mother in statements to the portal 29.RU. It is not an isolated case.

Samoilov’s mother, also a resident of the Arkhangelsk region, confirmed that her son was released from prison. “He was released and pardoned, it’s a new beginning”, transferred to the same medium, before pointing out that Samoilov was “pure before God”. However, the woman regretted that her son was wounded in battle: “It happened. Nobody is safe from that, right? Now he is being treated and his life will go on.

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