Russia News: After Putin’s order, there was a stampede in Russia, the youth leaving the country said – ‘Don’t want to die in the war of meaningless’, know the whole matter

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Vladimar Putin, President of Russia

Russia News: Russian citizens are now troubled by the war between Russia and Ukraine. While Putin is now thinking of launching a ‘big’ attack on Ukraine, the people of Russia are now worried. Especially in order to increase the number of his soldiers, he has ordered the recruitment of a large number of youth, since then there is a lot of agitation among the youth. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered that young people be gathered to serve in the military. Many youths have left the country in protest against this. There has been a stampede among the youth.

There is an atmosphere of chaos in Russia in the midst of Russia’s war with Ukraine. According to media reports, many youths here have fled to different places without taking any luggage. One of these young Dmitry arrived in Armenia. He fled here leaving his wife and children with just a small bag. These youths do not want to fight a war with Ukraine. Dmitri said- ‘I do not want to go to war, I do not want to die in this meaningless war. It is like killing a brother.

Why is there an atmosphere of chaos in Russia?

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered that young people be gathered to serve in the military. Many youths have left the country in protest against this. Amidst the stampede of youth, a 44-year-old youth, Sergei, has come with his son. He said that today the situation in Russia has become very difficult. Because of this everyone wants to leave from there. Sergei was in a rut at the Armenia airport. He was so scared that he confirmed the stampede in Russia, but declined to give his full name.

Sergei’s son Nikolai, 17, said that we did not wait for the government order. He said that I am not scared, but I see uncertainty. I don’t know when and when this war will end. And now there is a strange frustration among the youth due to the order to recruit a large number of youth of the country. Many Russian citizens who arrived on the same flight to Yerevan had almost the same say. 39-year-old Alexei said that war in the 21st century is absurd. He said that now he could rarely return to Russia. It will all depend on the circumstances.

Yerevan becomes important refuge for Russian youth

Yerevan has become an important refuge for those leaving Russia after the Ukraine-Russian war that broke out in February this year. The Armenia Administration says that since then 40 thousand Russian citizens have come to their country. Apart from this, about 50 thousand Russian citizens have gone to neighboring countries like Georgia. h

The news of youths fleeing is false. government

While on the one hand the Russian people are turning to neighboring countries, on the other hand the Russian government says that the reports of youth leaving the country to escape the war are false and misleading. Government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that there is a lot of misinformation coming out about this.

PM Modi also told Putin the same thing that ‘war is not right’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the recently held Shanghai Cooperation Organization ‘SCO’ in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. During this, PM Modi told Putin that the modern era is not the era of war.

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