Russia Natural Gas: Russia bans gas supply in Europe, is doing big planning on the border

Russia Natural Gas Burn- India TV Hindi News
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Russia Natural Gas Burn


  • The gas was to be supplied to Germany in mid-July.
  • Russia is wasting 43.4 million cubic meters of gas every day
  • burning $10 million worth of gas

Russia Natural Gas: Gas prices across Europe are skyrocketing due to the Russia-Ukraine war. At the same time, Russia is burning large amounts of natural gas in the open by showing the whole of Europe. According to one report, a Russian plant near the border with Finland is burning an estimated $10 million worth of gas every day. Experts say that the gas may have been exported to Germany earlier. Germany’s ambassador to Britain said Russia was burning the gas because they could not sell it anywhere else. Now scientists are concerned about the large amounts of carbon dioxide and the soot it produces, which could increase the rate of Arctic ice melting. In such a situation, the whole of Europe is facing a double whammy due to taking tension from Russia.

Russia is wasting 43.4 million cubic meters of gas every day

According to a report, the latest analysis by Rystad Energy indicates that about 43.4 million cubic meters of gas is being wasted in the flames every day in Russia. The gas is being supplied by a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Portovaya, northwest of St Petersburg. This was revealed when some citizens of Finland saw a large flame burning in the sky near the border in early summer. It was later discovered that it was a gas plant located in Portovaya, Russia, where natural gas was dumped. It was being put to death by burning it in the air. Portovaya is located close to a compressor station at the beginning of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which was sent to Germany by sea.

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ban on germany

This gas was to be supplied to Germany in the middle of July. Russia cut off gas supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Then Russia said that the European Union was responsible for the sanctions. Germany, on the other hand, rejected Russia’s claim, saying it was a political move by Moscow to put pressure on Europe after its invasion of Ukraine. However, it was not possible for Russia to stop gas production immediately, despite the supply shutdown. This led to the accumulation of huge amounts of natural gas in Russian gas stations and pipelines.

never seen it so waste before

We have never seen such a waste of gas, the researchers said that they have seen a significant increase in the heat from this gas plant in Russia since June. It is produced by the burning of natural gas. Gas burning is common in processing plants. Usually this is done for technical or security reasons. But, due to burning of gas on such a large scale, the problems of experts have increased. Dr. Jessica McCarty, an expert in satellite data from the University of Miami in Ohio, said: “I’ve never seen an LNG plant burning so much gas. Since around June, we’ve seen a continuous fire coming out of the plant’s chimney, which has yet to be put out.” It is throwing very unusually strong flames.

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