Russia launched a massive attack on kyiv in broad daylight

Russia bombed the Ukrainian capital on Monday in broad daylight, just hours after kyiv suffered a record attack with 40 drone bombs. At the same time, several Russian villages in Belgorod province received heavy fire of the Ukrainian artillery.

Several explosions were heard in kyiv during the massive attack in which, so far, one person has been reported injured, the capital’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, wrote on his Telegram profile. Several missile fragments fell in different districts of kyiv such as Obolonski, near a service station. And also in the Desnianski and Dniprovski sectors, in a park.

The one on Sunday was the worst attack in intensity on kyiv, but not in damage: the anti-aircraft systems delivered by the Western allies protect the capital and would have reached a very high level of effectiveness. Of the 59 drones fired at urban targets across the country, the Ukrainian Air Force claimed to have shot down 58..

In another round of shelling in the west of the country, the Ukrainian authorities admitted that the attacks hit a military installation in the Khmelnitsky region, according to one of their few statements on hit military targets. Contrary to the Ukrainian version, Russia claimed to have bombed airfields in Ukraine and destroyed all targets.

Ukraine denounced the Russian modality of daytime attacks, much more risky for civilians. The head of kyiv’s military administration, Sergii Popk, wrote on Telegram: “After prolonged attacks, only at night, Russia is now hitting a peaceful city during the day, when most of its residents were at work or on the streets.”.

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People ran to take refuge in a subway station in the center, while the explosions were heard. Many residents had grown accustomed to ignoring the sirens, but the numerous attacks on Monday spread panic. Russia has intensified its shelling of the Ukrainian capital since the beginning of the month, but until now it has been almost always at night.

Bombs over Belgorod

Ukraine hit back: A massive shelling was unleashed on Monday morning in Shebekino and some nearby villages in Russia’s Belgorod province., several witnesses reported to the Russian Telegram channels. Shebekino, near the Ukrainian border, was also shelled over the weekend, killing one civilian and wounding three, including a 15-year-old girl.

At 10 local time on Monday, residents of Shebekino and the villages of Murom and Novaya Tavolzhanka received a new alarm via text message, inviting them to take refuge in the underground rooms. In another sector of the battlefront, Russia managed to repel a new Ukrainian attack in the Zaporizhia region, under Russian control, after Kiev troops tried to enter the town of Lobkove.

Denmark supports Ukraine

The Danish government announced its intention to invest 2.4 billion euros between this year and next, in a fund to provide military support to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky thanked the Danish government and Parliament for that decision. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the Danish and Dutch authorities of wanting to train Ukrainian pilots to use F-16 fighters to “please” the US and fit in with its political line on European affairs.

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