Russia fires “record number of missiles” into Ukraine

“These beatings were another reason to write “I love you” to all my loved ones. Because who knows, it could have been my last chance to do it,” admits Alla Fokina to LA RAZÓN in Lviv, having survived what came of it Russia’s largest airstrike against Ukraine since the invasion began. Like millions of other Ukrainians who fled to bomb shelters or hid in the bathroom or hallways of their homes, he had to count on the success of the country’s air defense forces while listening to the sound of nearby explosions.

Nearly 160 missiles and drones attacked Ukraine last nightAt least 30 people died and more than 160 were injured across the country, including the western border region with Poland. A Russian missile entered the airspace of a NATO member and remained there for three minutes before returning to Ukraine. The Polish army decided not to take any action “because of its maneuvers,” said the acting commander. Maciej Klisz.

A maternity hospital, a shopping center, several schools and hundreds of residential buildings were just some of the targets of the attack, which lasted most of the night and early morning. Russia launched 122 missiles and 36 drones from different directions, the Ukrainian Air Force reported. “The radar screen was almost completely red due to the moving threats,” he revealed. Yuri Ignat, his spokesman, underlined the unprecedented scale of the attack. Nevertheless, the air defense managed to shoot down 36 drones and 87 missiles, more than 30 of them near Kiev. However, they could do little to stop the X-22/X-31 ballistic missiles and the S-300/400 and Iskander-M missiles that Russia had used to attack Kharkiv and other less protected cities.

In Kiev, nine people were killed when a warehouse was attacked. No casualties were reported at a damaged subway station while several residents sought refuge. Another 9 victims come from Zaporizhia, one person died at home in Lviv and three in Odessa. No one died in the Dnipro maternity hospital, where all patients, including 12 women and 4 newborns, as well as the staff fled to the air raid shelter in time after the air raid alarm began. “We will definitely respond to terrorist attacks,” promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “Russian terror must lose, and it will,” he emphasized.

The explosions of Russian missiles and drones should be a wake-up call for “all major capitals, headquarters and parliaments debating greater support for Ukraine,” as well as newsrooms writing about “fatigue” with the war or that Russia is “getting ready.” negotiations,” he said. Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minister. Kuleba called for “continuous, robust and long-term” aid to Ukraine and noted that only greater firepower could “silence Russian terrorism,” while Defense Minister Rustem Umerovstressed that Russia has been accumulating missiles for months and that new attacks are very likely.

The United Kingdom has already promised to send hundreds of anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, its defense minister announced. Grant Shapps. He called the Russian attack a “desperate and futile” attempt to regain momentum after losing hundreds of thousands of recruits. Shapps also called on the world to come together and redouble their efforts to give Ukraine what it needs to win.

“The EU will continue to commit to providing additional military equipment in 2024 to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion,” he said. Josep BorrellEU chief diplomat, stressing that Ukraine’s fight for freedom against tyranny is “a common fight.”

US President Joe Biden said the attack showed that Putin’s goal of destroying Ukraine and subjugating its people remains unchanged. “It has to be stopped.”

The Ukrainians themselves reacted differently. “In almost two years of war, all sensations have become so boring,” Fokina shared. “I only thought about how beautiful Kharkiv once was when I heard 20 rockets hit there this evening,” said Olena from Kiev.

Some analysts reiterated their despair over the decision by the United States and Germany not to supply long-range missiles that could attack Russian military and logistics bases further behind the front lines, including in occupied Ukrainian territory. They recalled that in 1994 Ukraine was pressured to give up its own long-range weapons and large nuclear arsenal in return for security guarantees from Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

However, the prevailing mood was one of determination to keep fighting, and there were several appeals for donations to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense and other parts of the military. “This is the only way,” wrote Sergiy Prytula, a prominent civilian volunteer.

“Thank you to everyone on the front lines for your service this year, which the entire country has survived thanks to these soldiers. To those who protect our country despite everything,” Zelensky emphasized in a defiant video recorded during his visit to Avdiivka, just a few kilometers from the Russian positions.

Zelensky braved significant danger by traveling along the highway into the city, which is constantly under attack from Russian drones while the city itself is under relentless Russian pressure. He honored some of the soldiers for their efforts and at the same time learned about the situation on site from the commander of the 110th Brigade of the Ukrainian Army.

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