Russia equips Belgorod volunteers with anti-drone guns

Russia is determined to avoid a repeat of the bloodshed caused in May by pro-Ukrainian Russian militias who crossed the border into the Belgorod region. At that time, the Kremlin celebrated the capture of Bakhmut, when several units of the Russian Freedom Legion, accompanied by dozens of militiamen from the Russian Volunteer Corps, crossed the divide without much resistance. For this reason, the Kremlin has decided to strengthen the security installation of the territorial defense units stationed in Belgorod. According to RIA Novosti, the fighters of this battalion received this Wednesday “Digital radios, quadcopters, anti-drone guns and keys for new UAZ pickup vehicles”.

The governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkovwas responsible for supplying the equipment about 3,000 volunteers, who have been receiving psychological training and firearms training since November. They will now take part in training exercises for troops from the Russian security service and the Ministry of Defense.

At the ceremony, Gladkow emphasized the need for the authorities to provide weapons for self-defense. “We have reached a point where we are resolving issues related to the supply of weapons for our self-defense under current legislation. The situation is still difficult.explained the governor, who saw how two armed militias controlled from Kiev occupied several parts of his region for days due to the ineffectiveness of the Russian security forces.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, told a press conference that the supply of arms was made “in strict accordance with the law and in relation to the situation in this border region”. And in June the Duma voted in favor of it Grant regional governors the right to create their own military organizations in times of war, martial law or mobilization. Following Parliament’s logic, these companies will help the security services, law enforcement and military government agencies to “maintain law and order”, “ensure border security” and “fight terrorist groups and sabotage”.

According to the legislation, governors light weapons received from the Russian Ministry of Defense and deliver them to the employees of these organizations. They are also allowed to use weapons to repel attacks, detain people on the territory of protected facilities, stop and control vehicles, and destroy drones.

Peskov assured the Kremlin of this He’s not worried about guns falling into the wrong hands. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman stated that “control mechanisms are in place and carefully applied to ensure that the distribution of arms is well regulated and there is no uncontrolled access to firearms.” Territory from necessary”.

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