Russia confirms damage to oil tanker attacked by drones in Kerch Strait

The Marine Rescue Coordination Center (MSCC) in the Crimean city of Novorossiysk confirmed early Saturday that the SIG oil tanker was damaged after it was the target of a drone strike by Ukrainian forces.

“We can say that the tanker was damaged (…) The crew is safe, they were not injured. The sea rescue service is busy and two tugboats have already arrived at the scene of the accident,” the MSCC told the TASS agency. .

The chief adviser of the province of Crimea, Oleg Kryuchovconfirmed tonight strong rumours, but that they have nothing to do with the Kerch Bridge, which connects the Crimean peninsula with Krasnodar and which has been attacked by Ukraine on other occasions.

For its part, the Ukrainian agency UNIAN has released an alleged video from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) showing the subjective camera of a naval drone at the moment it is heading straight for what appears to be a collision with an oil tanker.

SBU sources have thus confirmed to the above-mentioned agency that the attack on the Russian ship was carried out with a drone loaded with around 450 kilograms of TNT. “The tanker was well loaded with fuel so the ‘fireworks’ could be seen from afar,” he said.

Later, the SGE itself shared on Facebook some statements from the head of the institution, Vasily Malyukin which he assures that any attack on Russia in Ukrainian territorial waters is “completely legal”.

“If the Russians want to stop the ‘cotton’ (as Ukrainian attacks on Russia are called), they should take the only option and leave the territorial waters of Ukraine and our country. And the sooner they do so, the better for them,” added.

Finally, Maliuk pledged that Ukraine “will 100 percent defeat the enemy in this war that started at the end of February 2022, more than 17 months ago, by order of the Russian President.” Wladimir Putin.

A drone attack in the Kerch Strait has damaged the Russian tanker SIG coming from Turkey. The boat’s engine room was flooded, but one crew member was not injured.

The drone’s impact, which occurred about 51 kilometers from the Kerch Strait, caused a detonation that was visible from the peninsula and rendered the ship unable to move unless towed became.

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