Russia claims to occupy two more towns in Bakhmu

Russian forces have again increased the attack in Bakhmu. For months, Ukrainian troops have been resolutely defending the city from Moscow’s takeover. The city in eastern Ukraine has been devastated by heavy shelling. Eight people were killed in a Russian missile attack on the city last Friday.

After this, a British observation said, Ukrainian troops were forced to retreat from parts of the city of Bakhmut. The Russian Defense Ministry also said on Saturday that the country’s mercenary Wagner Group had captured two more areas in the city of Bakhmut. News from the Washington Post and Reuters.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian military commanders rejected last week’s exaggerated Russian statements. It was claimed that Russian forces now occupied 80 percent of Bakhmut. Andriy Yarmark, head of the presidency office in Kiev, said two women were killed by Russian shelling in Kherson on Saturday.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a daily statement that fierce fighting is going on in Bakhmu. Wagner’s offensive advanced successfully. Occupies two areas on the northern and southern outskirts of the city. However, Reuters could not independently verify their claim.

A UK military assessment says Russia has stepped up supplies of war equipment to take over Bakhmut. It is believed that Moscow is planning to occupy more areas of Ukraine’s Donbas region. Western countries have previously identified the bitter relationship between the Russian Defense Ministry and the country’s mercenary Wagner Group as a significant weakness for Moscow. But the British military says relations between the ministry and Wagner have improved. And after that, Moscow intensified its attack on Bakhmu.

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Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense said that on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill to create a digital draft. This makes it easier to recruit Russians into the military. As a result, it will be easier for Putin to continue a protracted war in Ukraine.

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