Russia claims to have liquidated the saboteurs who attacked the Belgorod region and they deny it


But the Russian saboteurs who claimed responsibility for the attack highlighted the inability of the Russian military to prevent their incursions and said they will not stop until they defeat the “regime” of President Vladimir Putin.

“The Russian Army could not confront the group of volunteer patriots who took up arms and were not afraid to openly confront the Moscow regime for the sake of the free future of Russia,” the Freedom for Russia Legion said on its Telegram channel.

Shortly after the publication, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed in its war diary that the Russian military had surrounded and annihilated the nationalist armed formations that entered Russian territories.

However, the group of volunteers stressed that the attack in Belgorod on Monday “disrupted once again the myth that Russian citizens are safe and Russia is strong”, by not ruling out future actions.

“In fact, the authorities looted the budget for years and lied that everything was going well. Russia does not have reserves to react to military crises. All its troops are dead, wounded or in the Ukraine. Russia is totally unprotected,” they added.

The Freedom for Russia Legion added that “in the Belgorod region there is panic, an organized partial evacuation takes place, but mostly it is a spontaneous escape.”

For its part, the Russian Volunteer Corps, another of the formations that assumed responsibility for the attack, issued a statement on Telegram in parallel in which it assured that “the country is ready for changes.”

“Soon in Russia there will be no one whose acquaintance has not lost their lives in this criminal war. To put an end to it, you have to hit the enemy in the territories he occupies. The war will continue until Putin’s hanged body adorns the Kremlin walls,” the movement stated.

A representative of the Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine previously assured that behind the attacks on the Belgorod region were these two groups of Russian volunteers who are fighting against the Kremlin.

The day before, both paramilitary formations published videos on their Telegram channels supposedly from Belgorod.
“The news from the Belgorod camps is not long in coming!” wrote the Russian Volunteer Corps, while the Freedom for Russia Legion pointed out that it “began to assault Graivoron” in that Russian province.

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Ukrainian rescuers work to extinguish a fire among the rubble of a small factory damaged during shelling in Kharkov
Ukrainian rescuers work to extinguish a fire among the rubble of a small factory damaged during shelling in Kharkov. BLAZETRENDS/EPA/Sergey Kozlov

Russia denounces several drone attacks in the Belgorod region

The governor of the Russian region of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, has denounced several drone attacks during the early hours of the morning against two residential buildings and one administrative building.

This attack would have occurred in the middle of an anti-terrorist operation launched, according to Russia, due to the raid yesterday by saboteurs.

As reported by the head of the Belgorod region in his Telegram account, explosive devices were launched that caused fires, but there were no victims.

The governor assured that the drones were shot down by anti-aircraft defense systems.

Russia denounced on Monday that a sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered the territory of the Graivoron district.

However, today he has identified Alexei Liovkin as one of the members of the Russian Volunteer Corps group that led the raid from Ukraine, along with guerrillas from the Freedom for Russia Legion.

Both assumed the attack with messages on their Telegram channels, after the Ukrainian Presidency dissociated itself from the raid.

Zelensky visits the front to celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Seamen

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited his troops at the front on Tuesday to congratulate the Ukrainian sailors who are celebrating their day in Ukraine today.

In a statement published on the official account of the head of state on Telegram, the president wrote: “Our defenders. The front. Today I am here to congratulate our fighters on the Day of Ukrainian Seamen, ”Zelensky wrote in his message. “Glory to all who defend Ukraine!”

The note is accompanied by numerous photos in which the president poses with or greets soldiers.

Most of the soldiers who appear in the images wear the blue beret that identifies Ukrainian sailors.

Zelensky met with his military inside a building near Vugledar and Mariinka, in the eastern Donetsk province.

During his visit, the head of state decorated some of the soldiers deployed in the area for “the courage and heroism” shown in “the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” on the battlefield.

The president also announced the creation of a “Marine Corps” that will “significantly increase the potential” of this component of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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