Russia-China partnership in space worries West

China and Russia compete with the US and European systems of satellite navigation Has begun to partner with each other.

Earlier this year, China allowed the monitoring of Russia’s navigation system Glonas from its territory, and in response, Russia agreed to set up a station on China’s “Bay Do” system.

Russia’s GLONASS system was established in 1970 and was used for military purposes. It was given commercial status after the Cold War and was given the status of a weather, navigation, communications and research system.

China has recently launched its left-wing navigation satellite system, announced by the Chinese president last year, and has been enabled to compete with US GPS for communications, emergency medical care, And urban planning.

According to a Voice of America report, Russia’s growing differences with the West and the rivalry between China and the United States as two world powers have certainly led to an increase in cooperation between Moscow and Beijing.

According to experts, satellites are considered an important factor in the 21st century for military power. Last month, Russia tested a missile against its satellite, which the United States said its debris posed a threat to astronauts on the International Space Station.

Russia, China and the United States are among the many countries developing hypersonic missiles. Which reach the upper surface of space at 5 times the speed of sound.


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