Home Sports RUSADA finds Kamila Valieva innocent

RUSADA finds Kamila Valieva innocent

RUSADA finds Kamila Valieva innocent

The case of Kamila Valieva, the media bombshell of the past Winter Games, who in a matter of days went from being the sports sensation (then a 15-year-old prodigy who aimed to sweep figure skating) from the appointment to the eye of the hurricane due to his alleged doping, he had a new episode this Friday. The RUSADA, the Russian anti-doping agency, concluded its investigation in this regard with a verdict of not guilty, for which reason it maintains the team gold obtained in Beijing.

The disciplinary court of the institution designated to judge the case considers that Valieva did not commit any “lack or negligence” in the process that led to a sample collected from her body on December 25, 2021, yielding a positive for trimetazidine, a prohibited substance. within the World Anti-Doping Code that is normally used to treat heart conditions. The only sanction that he sees as reasonable in his ruling is the withdrawal of the results harvested that same day.

For its part, the World Anti-Doping Agency, which has a long string of disagreements with its Russian counterpart regarding the state doping system promoted for years by the Eurasian country, with its zenith in the Winter Games that Sochi hosted in 2014, has requested a complete copy of the resolution, which it intends to check, according to a statement, with the information it has on the case before deciding whether to accept the ruling or not. The agency assures in the note that it worries him, given the indications that are already known about the matter, and that he will not hesitate to exercise his right of appeal before the TAS.

In fact, given the delay in closing the case on the part of RUSADA, WADA has already transferred it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), and requested a period of disqualification of four years for the athlete.. It will not rule on the matter again until it has analyzed the copy of the sentence requested from the Russian entity.

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