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Runaway Fernando Alonso humiliates rivals with a comb

Ferdinand Alonso continues to show great performance in the F1 and in the tests in the Istanbul Park has made a comb to a rival who has given much to talk about. And it is that free practice has had some memorable moments where the Alpine F1 Team has been the protagonist.

With the passing of the careers much more solidity is seen in the Oviedo that has proven to be much more complete than some of its rivals. Their outputs are among the best, which in turn have generated a certain controversy. In addition, his figure has been in the eye of the hurricane for his constant comments full of irony against favoritism to the British.

Returning to the cars, in free practice for the Turkish GP, Fernando Alonso went out of control and hit him to humiliate rivals with a comb. The ‘salute’ that the Spanish has made, has been towards Valtteri Bottas after surpassing him on the track. Although unusual, this dedication gave much to talk about.

This type of ‘greetings’ are not recurrent among the veterans of the ‘Great Circus’ and also, it is unknown where it came from. The video of this action has had a great impact due to the blow of the comb by Fernando Alonso. In social networks, an act that has comments for and against causes a sensation.

Before that, Alonso had a conversation with his team on the radio, where the annoyance of being stuck between several cars was recorded. Everyone was looking for rhythm at that time and in addition, there was an action where Hamilton almost collided with Esteban Ocon’s Alpine F1 Team.

We will have to wait for what can happen in the race, where the Spaniard wants to be the protagonist and reach the podium. So far in the free tests he has been very fast and this has given him opportunities to show that he is at the highest level. The objective of the team will be to climb positions in the Constructors’ Championship.

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