Rumors are running fast regarding a possible upgrade to the RTX 3000: In addition to various Super models, there is also talk of the RTX 3090 Ti and an updated RTX 2060 with more video memory. Meanwhile, Videocardz has gotten more information on a new RTX 3080 sku.

Where the regular RTX 3080 has the GA102-200 GPU and 10GB of gddr6x memory, the new variant should be equipped with the GA102-220 chip and 12GB of vram. This GPU is expected to not bring any extra cuda kernels, although this does not appear to be fully fixed yet. Depending on memory speed, the upgraded SKU may offer higher bandwidth, as a larger memory bus is required to utilize the additional capacity.

There are some doubts about the usefulness of this RTX 3080 variant, as there is talk in the corridors of an RTX 3070 Ti with 16 GB of video memory. In any case, it seems that the GA102-220 variant should eventually replace the GA-102-200. Nvidia will reportedly introduce its new models in January; The line currently consists of RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3080 12 GB, RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB, and RTX 2060 12 GB.

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