Casper Ruud number 3 would also be part of a prominent position

It has been known in the last few hours that Novak Djokovic Y Rafael Nadal they will only be able to reissue the next episode of their rivalry, one of the most legendary in the history of the sportat the end of Wimbledon for the year 2022. Without a doubt, important news for true fans.

The Spanish tennis player has been selected as seed number 2 of the Grand Slam British, with which he will occupy a position in the table totally opposite to that of the Balkan, current defending champion of the tournament and first seeded by ranking after the losses of Daniel Medvedev Y Zverev due to injury.

Rafael Nadal 14
A change at Wimbledon would be key for Rafa Nadal

The Wimbledon 2022 final points to Rafa Nadal after being seeded 2

And it is that Wimbledon, it is a Grand Slam that changes the rules of the game in its selection of seeded heads, announced how the 32 tennis players who start with that status of relevance will be composed. It is from then on that the rules will take another course and you have to know them.

It should be remembered that it had been a top-order issue in Nadal’s last tournament at the All England Tennis Club in 2018, as he was chosen with the 3 so that Federer would be the 2. Nadal fell in the semifinals against Djokovic after a legendary match 10- 8 in the fifth set resumed on Saturday.

The current level of Nick Kyrgios has other tennis players thoughtful

Other outstanding positions are occupied by Casper Ruud number 3, Tsitsipas in number 4, Carlos Alcaraz occupying position 5 or Matteo Berretini, finalist at Wimbledon and double champion at Queen’s, with number 8. The next highlight will be knowing how they are occupying positions in the box and your way to the final.

Finally, the well-known Spanish Armada in the seeded position is closed by Pablo Carreño with 16 and Roberto Bautista with 17. For now, the one who will not have that privilege is the tennis player Nick Kyrgios, a great danger for the first rounds given his level in the grass tour.


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