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Ruda, known scientifically as Ruta graveolens L., is a medicinal plant that is part of the Rutaceae family. It is characterized by being perennial and having a grayish-green color. In addition, it has a very characteristic and strong aroma.

Ruda is a medicinal plant that is characterized by having straight stems and a height that can reach 60-80 cm. Its flowers are yellow and have four petals, while its fruits are brown capsules with black seeds inside.

Street Taxonomy

  • Division: magnoliophyta
  • Order: sapindales
  • Family‎: Rutaceae
  • Class: magnoliopsida
  • Gender: Route
  • Scientific name: Ruta graveolens L

Street Properties

The medicinal plant in question has several beneficial functions. Among them are its ability to calm the nerves, relieve headaches, treat vertigo and palpitations, as well as soothe an upset stomach. In addition, it also contributes to strengthening the resistance of blood capillaries.

La Ruda is a medicinal plant that is also used to stimulate the appearance of menstrual cycle. This plant contains several components such as essential oil, esters, aliphatic ketones, alcohols, coumarins and furanocoumarins, vitamin C, quinol alkaloids, quercetin, resin, ascorbic acid, malic acid and tannins. These compounds confer health-beneficial properties.

recipes with rue

Ruda infusion, also known as ruda tea, is prepared by placing a teaspoon of this dried medicinal plant in 1/4 liter of boiling water. This infusion is used as a spasmolytic to relieve muscle spasms, as a mild sedative to promote relaxation, and as a cardioregulator to help regulate heart function. It is recommended to limit the consumption of this medicinal plant to no more than 2 cups a day and always under medical supervision. Although this plant has beneficial properties, it also contains toxic compounds. It is important to note that pregnant women should avoid its consumption as it can cause miscarriage.

In its external application, this medicinal plant has several uses. It can be used for eye baths, to treat ulcers and wounds, as well as for gargling.

Home Remedies with Rude

To Regulate Menstruation

To prepare an infusion of rue, it is suggested to add two teaspoons of rue leaves and flowers to a cup of boiling water. Let rest for 10 minutes in a covered bowl. Once hot, it can be taken to enjoy its properties. If you want to give the infusion of rue a more pleasant taste and make it easier to drink, you can mix it with tea or chocolate. However, it is recommended to limit its consumption to no more than 2 cups per day to ensure a safe intake.

street poultice

The rue plant is known for its medicinal properties. Its fresh leaves can be crushed and applied to a gauze pad on the affected area of ​​the body. This practice helps to effectively treat boils, abscesses and other skin wounds.

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rue decoction

To make a medicinal rue infusion, you will need a handful of leaves and half a liter of water. Put the rue in the water and let it boil for 5 minutes. Once warm, the infusion can be used externally to treat various ailments such as rheumatic pain, arthritis, and bone and tendon disorders. To apply this treatment, it is recommended to soak a gauze pad in the aforementioned liquid and apply it to the affected area. Leave to act for approximately 10 minutes. This procedure can be repeated several times a day for best results.

for snoring

To prepare this infusion you will need 50 grams of rue which are placed in a cup of olive oil. Then these two ingredients are placed in a dark, tightly closed jar. It is important to let the mixture macerate for 14 days, taking advantage of sunlight to place it near a window during the day and remove it at night. After this time, it must be filtered and the product will be ready to be used. It is recommended to apply this preparation on the nose, neck and neck every night before going to bed.

Rue is a well-known plant that is easy to obtain, which makes it ideal for use in home remedies. However, it is important to exercise caution when using it, as its misuse can have negative health effects. It is important to keep in mind that rue is a toxic plant and its use must be done with caution. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using it as a home remedy to ensure that you take proper measures.

Rude’s video

street contradictions

It is important to keep in mind that rue should not be consumed without the supervision of a doctor specializing in herbal medicine. This is because it has important contraindications that can affect health if not administered correctly. The rue plant contains several substances that can irritate the digestive system, causing discomfort and even intoxication.

An important contraindication is to avoid the use of this substance in pregnant women, as it can cause abortion and its toxins can pass to the baby through breast milk. Consequently, it is also advised not to give it to women who are breastfeeding for safety reasons.

When you have endometriosis and problems with the female genitalia, it’s important to be careful when using home remedies like rue. It is not recommended to apply it to the skin in the form of an oil and expose it to the sun, as it can cause injuries. It is better to look for other safer alternatives for health care in these sensitive areas.

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