Rudy, at 600: “Still decisive”

The signing for Madrid of Rodolfo Fernández Farrés, Rudy, was announced on September 20, 2011. This Sunday, ten years and a few days later, he will play his 600 white match in Lugo if Pablo Laso so decides (he traveled yesterday with the team).

He then arrived at the merengue club temporarily, due to the NBA lockout, and stayed until mid-December, when he had to return to the US to finalize his last year of contract. He would return to Madrid in the summer of 2012, where he has ten uninterrupted seasons. Although he did not play the 2011 Super Cup, Rudy was at the premiere of the Laso era in La Liga and in the Euroleague, just 17 games, before flying to America. Of that squad, only Llull remains, once Reyes retired and with Carroll in his country without deciding his future.

This afternoon, against Breogán, Rudy faces his 600th duel with the white jersey (follow the game live on Of them, 307 in the League (five titles), 256 in the Euroleague (two trophies), 21 in the Cup (five), 15 in the Super Cup (seven) and 1 in the Intercontinental (one). Of the 21 titles of the Lasism only the first one was lost, the Sant Jordi Cup, in February 2012, because it was in Denver.

Back injuries, up to three operations, have been his Achilles heel and have forced him to an evolution in his game, less physical and acrobatic, still decisive.

At 36 years old (Palma de Mallorca, 1985) he is going through a good stage. So he thinks Marta Fernández, her sister, with which he was bitten as a child in endless pachangas: “He’s very well, in one of his best moments, both physically and mentally. He is taking great care and controls the game like never before in attack and defense. For me he is decisive at Real Madrid because of everything he contributes, especially in the important moments. It is a delight to see him play, although it is true that I am not very objective “.

Marta, 120 times international and active until 2015, believes that one of the keys is how she has managed to mature: “He has always possessed an innate talent, but now he controls many more aspects of the game. And to perform at his age there is a lot of work behind him. The careers of the players have been lengthened by the narrow care of food and the daily work in their clubs . To Rudy, in addition, It helps to have Pablo Laso as a coach, because he knows him very well, he knows exactly what he needs and he has his confidence. That connection between them is reflected in the day to day. He can play less, even not having scored a point, but he is very clear about his role and, when the critical moment arrives, he will contribute his experience. I am proud to see the player he has become, he can act in four, like this season, and before he was a point guard. That versatility gives it an extra “.

The future? “At this point the logical thing is to go step by step, but hopefully we will see him play for a few more years. At home we feel like it and, If he continues in this line, I think we will be able to enjoy him in many games, hopefully also in the National Team.

Rudy accumulates 233 meetings with Spain, fourth in the standings, 20 games behind the leader, Navarro, six from Epi and three from Reyes, whom he could still hunt down, because, for now, he is still available for Scariolo. Those games, plus the 599 he has played with Madrid, those he played before with Joventut (274) and in the NBA with Portland and Denver (267) make a total of 1,373. A lifetime on the courts.

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Lukovic plays and Hanga is low

El Breogán, the revelation so far in the League, recovers this Sunday, after overcoming a sprain, Marko Lukovic, an important player. In the previous 15 seasons, Lugo’s club has only been in the ACB once, 18-19, and beat Madrid 84-71. The Whites face their fifth game in ten days with Hanga’s low (17:00, Movistar Sports).

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