Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Rubis: activity up 49% in the first quarter

(AOF) – Rubis achieved a turnover in the first quarter of 2022 of 1.473 billion euros, up 49% over one year. Activity was driven mainly by the rise in oil prices, but also by the strong growth in volumes (+10%), up from pre-Covid levels. The hydrocarbon distributor has generally benefited from the recovery of tourism in the Caribbean region, specific growth reservoirs (LPG-fuel) in Europe and a good commercial dynamic in the network of stations in East Africa.

The beginning of the 2022 financial year shows good development in volumes and results. The Group is confident in its ability to deliver medium/long-term growth thanks to the levers constituted by its presence in geographical areas with strong demographic development and high energy demand, the improvement of its positioning in West the East and the outlook for the bitumen sector, driven in the long term by the strong demand for infrastructure.

The Rubis Énergie group has no activity, assets or supplies from countries under sanctions. The exposure of the JV Rubis Terminal is limited to France with storage contracts for fuel oil and diesel from Russia in the order of 3 million euros, representing less than 2% of its storage revenue.


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