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Rubina Dilaik posed sitting on Abhinav Shukla’s lap, the photo set the Internet on fire

Rubina Dilaik posed sitting on Abhinav Shukla's lap, the photo set the Internet on fire

The famous TV actress Rubina Dilaik had recently enjoyed many vacations in the Maldives with her husband. Rubina Dilaik, along with her performance, also remains in the spotlight on social media for her sense of fashion. Rubina Dilaik also won the title of the famous TV show Bigg Boss. Rubina Dilaik recently married television actor Abhinav Shukla. The last photo of the actress is gaining a lot of likes on social networks. In this photo, Rubina is seen sitting on her husband Abhinav Shukla’s lap. Seeing this look from Rubina, netizens’ senses were blown away. The TV daughter-in-law’s glamorous look is wowing her fans on social media.

Rubina Dilaik has been blowing fans’ senses by constantly sharing her Maldives photos on social media. Now, the photo shared by Abhinav Shukla has set the internet ablaze. The romantic photo of Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla is becoming more and more viral on the Internet.

Actor Abhinav Shukla has shared Rubina and her photo with his official Instagram account. In the photo, the couple is seen sitting near the pool. Rubina is wearing a beautiful two-piece pants in the photo. Rubina is seen sitting on her husband’s lap. Rubina Dilaik has put a big hat on her head in the photo. At the same time, Abhinav has installed glasses with bathing suits. They both smile and pose for the photo. The photo of the romantic couple is having a lot of liking on social networks.

Abhinav Shukla-Rubina Dilaik recently went to Himachal Pradesh on vacation. From there, they had both posted a lot of photos and videos on social media for fans. Both Rubina and Abhinav keep posting on social media continuously for fans. Rubina and Abhinav were together on Bigg Boss 14. When they both joined Bigg Boss at the time their relationship was about to break up, but they somehow worked on their relationship at Bigg Boss’s house and now they are both having a good time. hang out together.


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