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Rubiales is sentenced to judicial review of his daughters’ maintenance payments

Increasing Rubiales’ income

The current financial scenario of Luis Rubiales has been the subject of recent scrutiny due to a remarkable escalation in his earnings, which increased tenfold from 2011 to 2020. In a context in which the company moved from high-level leadership positions to its recent suspension, this scenario once again triggers debate and analysis about transparency in the treatment of public figures in sports.

Rubiales Income Breakdown

Accordingly Tenth Section of the Provincial Court of ValenciaRubiales recorded a significant increase in his income from 97,237 euros in 2011 to a whopping sum of 955,079 euros in 2020, marking a period of great prosperity during his term as president of the RFEF.

Impact on family responsibilities

This increase has led to a judicial review of support payments for his three daughters. Despite Rubiales’ claims about the temporary nature of his positions and therefore his income, the ruling highlights sustained and progressive growth in his profits over the last decade. This review resulted in a ruling forcing Rubiales to double the current pension amount, setting an important precedent in cases of significant income increases.

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The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation has sparked controversy by accusing the Spanish government of failing to ensure the “separation of powers”.

Professional performance versus personal obligations

Higher income was a defining feature of Rubiales’ career. In 2018, his fixed annual compensation was set at 160,000 euros, plus a variable percentage from sponsorships. Later, when he took over as vice-president of UEFA, he increased his wealth by a further 250,000 euros per year, marking a continuous rise in his financial career.

The case of Jenni Hermoso

However, Rubiales’ career has been marked by controversy, most recently his temporary suspension due to the Jenni Hermoso case. Despite the suspension, the steady increase in their income was notable even during the pandemic year, raising relevant questions about the congruence between work performance and personal obligations.

Ties to Saudi Arabia

In a strategic maneuver that marked his presidency, Rubiales secured a major agreement to move the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, a collaboration that would bring the RFEF €40 million annually. This arrangement, along with other adjustments to his salary structure, has led to a remarkable wealth build-up, with his fixed salary standing at €635,000 per year before his suspension.

Final Thoughts

Rubiales’ financial escalation opens a significant chapter in the discussion about the financial and personal responsibility of public figures. While a response from Rubiales to this scenario is expected, his financial history leaves a trail of notable gains that bring into focus the need for transparent and ethical management in the field of Spanish sport. The current narrative highlights a critical intersection between the personal and the professional and hopes that it will resonate as a call for greater accountability and transparency.

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