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Rubiales defends himself by revealing a WhatsApp message from a member of the Spanish coaching staff

Rubiales defends himself by revealing a WhatsApp message from a member of the Spanish coaching staff

Luis Rubiales announced in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan that he is stepping down as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. However, the Motril man continues to make headlines for the conversation he had with Morgan on TalkTV.

In a new edition of the lecture Rubiales describes some details of the celebration after winning the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The Andalusian admitted to Piers Morgan that after the unacceptable “Piquito” with Hermoso, a member of the national team’s coaching staff wrote him a text message thanking him for his commitment to women’s football.

“I want to do something I’ve never done before, and that’s read a message from a person who was on the bus. Because that explains what happened. On August 23rd, while I was in Spain, an employee sent me this message: “Good morning, President.” First of all, I would like to thank you forever for everything you have done for us in these days. They gave us everything and were a very important part of everything we achieved. Secondly, I personally can only be eternally grateful that I was able to be with my family during one of the happiest moments of my life, and that was thanks to you. Finally, I can offer you my support and encouragement during this time. Don’t allow all of this to be clouded by those people who want to destroy and confuse. I know that you are very strong and will continue to fight for your faith. Good luck, ‘Rubi’. A big hug.’ Two days later, this person, along with ten others, signed a letter classifying my actions as sexist.. So what happened there? That’s what I’m asking,” chided Luis Rubiales.

The former association president also reviewed everything that happened at the award ceremony with Jenni Hermoso: “I understand that someone could have misinterpreted it. I also understand that there are people who understood it very well but distorted the information. There are many more videos where you can see me celebrating with all the other girls with normal excitement, just like I would on one of the best days of my life. You can imagine that the war in Ukraine will end one day if you win the lottery or we hope. I mean, the celebrations are just around the corner and all over the world. People don’t ask permission, they’re just happy and celebrating. It lasted two tenths of a second, there was no sexual connotation whatsoever. This isn’t sexual assault, let’s call it what it is. Everything that happened was driven by emotion, excitement and happiness. A president can’t behave like that at the podium. You can give a hug, but you have to act more diplomatically and coolly. Am I a criminal? I answer you with my face, I am a good person. “It’s not about asking for forgiveness: it was spontaneous, mutual and consensual.”

Rubiales fundamentally rejected the alleged pressure on Hermoso to appear in his apology video during the stopover in Qatar on the way back to Spain: “I didn’t pressure anyone or order anyone to pressure me“.

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