Rubén Cano, about Hugo Sánchez: “Treacherous and disloyal as I did not know another”

Hugo Sánchez, former Atlético player from 1981 to 1985, reviewed his stage in the Athletic in the documentary ‘BIOS Lives that changed yours: Hugo Sánchez’. The striker was very comfortable with his experience at Atlético. “In those three months, which were the worst months I spent in my lifeI saw headlines in the newspapers saying that we want soccer players, not mariachis. In the stands they yelled at me: ‘Indio. Bastard. You will go to the wall. My tonsils were inflamed, but I said ‘Now I’m going to play better’”, said the great Mexican striker.

Rubén Cano, also a former Atlético player, answered him publicly. The Spanish-Argentinean played for Atlético from 1976 to 1982 and published several tweets talking about Hugo Sánchez and his time at the club. And he did not leave his ex-partner in a very good place: “Hugo Sánchez is the worst person I had as a teammate in all the teams I played for. Treacherous and disloyal as I have not met any other. I don’t leave a friend at Atlético or Madrid…nor should he have in Mexico and I say this because the first year we almost lived together and helped a lot, ”he said.

The former Atlético player published a new tweet in which he reaffirmed what was previously said: “So bad a person that when we went to play outside the wives would get together to play cards or bingo. And if he came on as a substitute, the woman celebrated the opponent’s goals. She showed that she wanted Atlético to lose. That made us grow apart.”

Rubén Cano ended by pointing out that he was “the most egocentric person” that he met Both Rubén Cano and Hugo Sánchez scored a good number of goals for Atlético. Rubén Cano scored 97 goals and Hugo Sánchez 82 but they have made it clear that they did not have a friendship or a good relationship.

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