RTX 3080: it receives its graphics card a year late, the shortage has hit again

While waiting to receive his RTX 3080 for a year, a buyer with a lot of humor decided to send a birthday cake to the dealer. As unusual as it may seem, the story ends well since the technique worked: his graphics card was finally delivered to him.

Credits: E-Torty.pl/Phonandroid

It is becoming so rare to be able to buy a graphics card that it is appropriate to celebrate the event as it should. Especially when you’ve been waiting for a year! We know it, the shortage of components hits the manufacturers hard, which fail to provide stocks large enough to meet demand. Despite Nvidia’s various strategies to reverse the trend, ranging from the production of old models to anti-mining measures, the situation does not seem to be improving.

Also, some orders are still waiting to arrive at their destination. And for some, the wait is long: several months or even a year in the case that interests us today. The buyer, who remained anonymous, decided to handle the problem with humor. To celebrate the famous anniversary, he ordered a little special cake at a local pastry shop. Above, we can see an RTX 3080 with the message “One year together”, which he then sent to the dealer.

He waits a year before receiving his RTX 3080

To go even further, the buyer even added the order number, history that the reseller can find it easily. You might think that the story ends there and that the reseller, just as prone to shortages as the others, is still waiting to be able to fill his stocks. But you have to believe that the cake has been so good that the buyer has become a priority. A few days later, he finally receives his RTX 3080.

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If the latter was finally rewarded for his patience, this is not yet the case for many other users. When they are not waiting to receive their order, they have to face to constant stockouts and crazy prices on sales platforms between individuals. A situation that should last for the next year, according to Nvidia.

Source: VideoCardz

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