Rs 1 lakh compensation to the airline for missing a passenger’s flight

Hyderabad: A court has ordered the airline to pay Rs 100,000 in damages for missing a passenger flight in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

According to the details, Indian citizen Dedogo Seresham finally got justice after 2 years. Two years ago, the flight of Dedogo Seresham and his daughter from Hyderabad to Calcutta was canceled because it took time for their boarding pass to be printed. Had taken

The connecting flight from Calcutta to Jorhat was also canceled due to delay in departure from Hyderabad.

Unfortunately, there was only one flight from Calcutta to Jorhat and the next day Seresham’s daughter had to enroll in college, so Seresham booked two more IndiGo flights so that she could get to college on time. Booked a flight from Hyderabad to Calcutta, and then booked a flight from Calcutta to Guwahati, then from there they had to travel by bus overnight and reach Jorhat in the morning.

After suffering so much due to the airline’s mistake, Sereesham lodged a complaint against the airline and demanded a refund of the money spent on the flight, but IndiGo Flight rejected his request, on which he sued Decided to go

Seresham also had to appear in 15 hearings during the court proceedings, which took two years as the airline kept asking for time to submit its papers.

Eventually, the court gave its verdict in the case, and ordered the airline to pay the passenger Rs 100,000 in damages for the inconvenience, as well as the amount spent on litigation.

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