Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals went head to head in IPL on Wednesday night. In this match, Rajasthan had to face defeat by 8 wickets. Delhi batsman Mitchell Marsh played a special role in this Rajasthan loss. He took the match away from Rajasthan by playing an 89-run inning on 62 balls. However, Rajasthan had a golden opportunity to send Marsh into the arena early, which the team lost.

In reality, Mitchell Marsh was clearly out for LBW in the third over of the Delhi innings. A Trent Boult yorker directly hit Marsh’s pad. Bolt also appealed for LBW on this, but the referee on the field did not give up. For a moment, it looked like Rajasthan captain Sanju Samson would check it out, but Sanju Samson felt the ball had caught the edge of the bat, so he didn’t take the check. Subsequent replays showed that the ball had hit the bag before hitting the bat. It was visible through Hawk Eye that the ball was going straight for the stump. In such a situation, had this review been taken, Marsh would have had to return to the pavilion for only three races.

It was hard for Rajasthan not to take this review and Marsh then scored a quick 89 to give Delhi an easy win. Had this review been done, surely the Rajasthan bowlers could have changed the outcome of the match by putting pressure on the Delhi batsmen.

Batting first, Rajasthan had scored 160 runs in this match. Batting at this wicket seemed a bit difficult. In such a situation, it seemed that Rajasthan would defend this score of 160. Rajasthan bowlers also started well. Delhi batsmen were only able to score 5 runs in the first three overs while their only wicket had also fallen. But after this Rajasthan had to lose the match unfortunately due to not checking Marsh’s LBW, some catches were dropped and Chahal’s delivery didn’t fall on the stumps.


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