Rotharium: a voucher for everyone

The Austrian crypto coin Rotharium is enjoying great success and is well on its way to making a big name in the crypto world. The reason for this is the ever-increasing acceptance of the token as a voucher by international companies.

Tomislav Matić founded the company Crypto Future in 2017, which after a short time became one of the few Austrian companies to successfully conduct an ICO – Initial Coin Offering. The ICO released the Rotharium cryptocurrency, which is already traded on Bittrex Global, Stex and Uniswap crypto exchanges.

To make Rotharium accessible to a wide audience, the companies Crypto Future and Kurant GmbH have joined forces to create great innovations for the crypto market: In addition to Bitcoins and Co. the Austrian crypto coin Rotharium is now also available on the Bitcoin vending machines of the company Kurant.

Because more and more customers want to use the purchased Rotharium tokens (Rotharium is legally defined as a voucher) as a voucher for various goods and services, more and more domestic as well as international companies are willing to accept Rotharium as a voucher. The newest company on the adoption list is morphs media studio.

The recently concluded collaboration between Crypto Future GmbH and the advertising agency morphs media studio confirms that Rotharium can be used in all sectors. The successful content marketing agency from Vienna already cooperates with well-known names such as the University of Vienna, the Chamber of Labour, Wien Energie, Volkshilfe etc. From now on it also allows its customers to pay for their services in the Austrian crypto currency Rotharium.

“With this step, we want to show our customers that we can offer them unique solutions not only for their branding and content creation, but also for the entire business process. As a company evolving hand in hand with digital technologies, the introduction of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is a matter of course,” said Michael Hillebrand, manager of the agency. Kevin Pabst, creative director of the agency, is also looking forward to this collaboration: “Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies and they have gone mainstream. I am happy that we are entering into this partnership with an Austrian token.”

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Bloomenko – International flower delivery platform

Flower delivery platform Bloomenko, which specializes in international flower delivery, has recognized the benefits of cryptocurrencies and is intensively evaluating a partnership with Rotharium.

“Cryptocurrencies are our present and our reality. This makes it a logical business move to continue using them for the foreseeable future. In Rotharium we have found a transparent and stable partner in the crypto world,” said the platform’s founder, Dejan Sudar.

Exclusive Magazine – Publisher

Crypto Future GmbH E-Mail: [email protected] DC Tower, Donau City Strasse 7, 1220 Wien Tel: +43 (0)1 376 50 50

The publisher of Exclusive Magazine in Slovakia has decided to accept Rotharium as a voucher. Now if you want to book an ad in the magazine, you can do that with Rotharium.

“This year we had a successful partnership with the company Crypto Future, whose CEO Tomislav Matic introduced us to the secrets of the world of cryptocurrencies. Based on this experience, we have decided to accept the Rotharium cryptocurrency. I believe we are the first publisher in Slovakia to accept cryptocurrency payments, František Olah, publisher of EXclusive magazine.

Aura Delikatessen OG – Groceries

Aura Delikatessen OG was the first company in Austria to accept Rotharium in stationary stores. Aura Delikatessen is now taking the next step in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and is integrating Rotharium as a payment method in its own webshop for Aura products.

Rotharium available on 100+ Bitcoin ATMs

Rotharium recently became the first token from Austria to become available on more than 100 Kurant Bitcoin ATMs. This is a milestone for Rotharium, but also for the entire Austrian crypto market. For this reason, the Rotharium CEO has come up with something special for the potential buyers: “We cover the transaction costs for our customers until January 31, 2022! With this new sales channel, we enable our customers to buy Rotharium throughout Austria in an even safer and easier way,” says Matić, CEO Rotharium.

For more information on Rotharium’s exciting project, please visit:


Tomislav Matić, CEO & Co-Founder

Phone: + 43 1 376 50 50

[email protected]

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