Rossi’s teammates venerate him in his retirement

With the title of MotoGP decided two races ago, the focus of the news today was on the figure of Valentino Rossi, which offered a wide and emotional press conference before the official opening of the GP arrived. How could it be otherwise, Quartararo, Bagnaia, Mir, Miller, Álex Márquez and Petrucci They spoke of his figure and, in some cases, showed him veneration.

Fabio Quartararo

“Everyone would like Rossi to continue. There is no doubt that he is a legend of this sport and the one who inspired me when I was little. His celebrations and his charisma make him an idol and we must congratulate him on the sports career that has been”.

Francesco Bagnaia

“I have been fortunate to be in MotoGP while he competed and also to win my first race with him on the track. I want to thank him for the work he does at his Academy. Today is a tough day, but it had to come sometime and no one will forget what he has done for this championship. “

Joan Mir

“I remember that I grew up seeing the yellow motorcycle on all the circuits and his way of celebrating victories. And he said to me ‘my goodness, he is my idol’, so it has been a pleasure to ride and win the World Championship while he was on the track. I think that now he has everything in life to enjoy what he has achieved. “

Jack Miller

“As the rest of the colleagues have said and with all his bikes out there, I remember that I have a photo riding his 2009 motorcycle at the Phillip Island GP and it is true that at that time I never thought it would be possible to race with him or share podium with him. He has shown that you can be outgoing and aggressive at the same time on the track. He has opened many doors to new generations. “

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Alex Marquez

“I don’t have many memories of his beginnings, but I do remember the fights with Dani Pedrosa, of whom I was a follower, in Catalonia, which were very cool, and it has been an honor to share the circuit with a legend like Valentino. Life is like that , there comes a time when you have to retire but you have to thank him for all that he has achieved. “

Danilo petrucci

“It was very nice to compete with him. I fought for victory with him at Assen in 2017 and the truth is that we have shared a lot together for ten years. I remember and I think many of you will know that my father was a truck driver and when he bought the The first motorhome came to pick him up at home in 1997 and that’s why I knew him long before, but the truth is that sharing the podium and fighting with him has been a great fortune “.

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