Home Sports Rossi: “These are moments that I will always remember”

Rossi: “These are moments that I will always remember”

Rossi: "Son momentos de los que me acordaré siempre"

Valentino rossi He again made it clear that “there have been no tears” in his last press conference of his last GP as a pilot, that of Valencia, where he finished tenth, a result that left him very proud and that will allow his friend Morbidelli to waver forever. , which ended up right behind him.

-What did you think about the last lap?

-I preferred not to think about that. During the race I have thought very few times that it was the last race and I am very happy, because it has been a great psychological test, just going out to think about the race, getting ahead and in the last laps the bike was going very well and I I felt fit to go strong in the curves. I could say that I had fun and I was able to stop Franco (Morbidelli) who was behind and glued to me the whole race. So I can tell him that in the last race I was able to beat him and I know that Franco is one of the strongest MotoGP riders. So it was a great satisfaction and it was very nice after seeing the checkered flag for all the riders there. It was exciting and then in the box I wanted to have a bit of a serious party, as if I had won a race or a World Cup. It was very nice to do it and to see everyone happy.

-Is there something in these 26 years of competition that you would not do again?

-It’s hard to say. I would remake the 2006 Valencia weekend, because I would have concentrated more and prepared it better. Thus, surely I would not have fallen and it would have been different. Later, in 2015 I truly believe that I did everything I had to, but it was not my fault if I lost it and it surely does more damage, because surely in 2006 it came from many consecutive titles and it was normal that to some extent it would be lost, because the Sport is like that, while in 2015 it would have been fantastic, because I would have won the tenth title and it would have been fantastic because it would have prolonged my sporting successes for six more years but finishing it as it ended was bad. Nothing can be said about the rest.

-How is he able to isolate himself from everything in these conditions under the helmet?

-Today was my last race in MotoGP and what satisfied me the most and gave me the most pleasure was being a MotoGP rider until the end and that has given me the necessary concentration to achieve it, because I knew that this way I had a lot more fun and had done a A good result in the last race gives much more pleasure because over the years I will be able to say that in the last race I was in the top ten.

-How do you see your future in motorsport?

-About the future I am happy to continue as a pilot, but with much more free time, although I still cannot say how I will feel. Racing cars is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s nice. I hope to have as much fun as I like motorcycles.

-What has been more exciting, this day of your farewell, that of your first world title or that of 2004 with your first title with Yamaha?

-If you start from a certain idea, today would be a very sad and unwanted day, but to some extent it is a surprise to be happy. It is different to win a World Cup or to win a race, as this is more exciting, but today I had fun and we were able to celebrate it as if we had won a World Cup and it was beautiful. These are moments that I will always remember.

-What did you think of meeting Ronaldo in the box?

-Ronaldo is my idol. Outside of motorsports, he is the best athlete for me. It made me very emotional when I went to San Siro to see him. He transmitted to me the same thing that I transmitted to my best fans. With Ronaldo I understood better what it is to be on the other side. It was very exciting to see you here.

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