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Rossi: “People have enjoyed me in all these years”

Valentino Rossi is at his last dance at home, in Misano, where he attends for the second time in a month. He is aware of his limitations at 42 and sees it as a good result to finish in the top ten. The Doctor was the biggest claim of the press conference with which this Emilia Romagna GP starts.

-His 430 race and the last in Italy …

-It is a bit strange situation, because it is the second time we are here this season. That makes it a bit peculiar, because normally we only come once, but in the last two years, with the situation due to the pandemic, we have learned to repeat on some circuits. It is a great opportunity to say goodbye to all the Italian fans. It’s always great to race here at home in Misano and I hope we can have a good weekend with the weather because here at this time of year it’s a bit more difficult to have a dry weekend and a dry race. on Sunday. I hope to do my best all weekend to be competitive in the race.

-What message would you send to all the fans who have followed you in all this time and who are you going to follow when you no longer run?

-I have a very long history, of more than 400 races, and I want to thank everyone. I have incredible support all over the world, especially in Italy, but all over the world. I always try to do my best in a long career with great races. We’ll see how we get on this Sunday, although there will still be two more races left. It’s always sad when you get to the end, but it’s been a positive thing and we’ve really enjoyed it.

-How would you like to be remembered?

-Sincerely I dont know. When you are an athlete, your life is divided into two parts. One is the pilot, known by many people, with many people following your career and you can like more or less. And on the other hand there is your personal environment, which is reserved for the closest friends. I don’t know how to answer this question. I would like to be remembered as a great driver, with a long career and good results but, above all, I think people have enjoyed me in all these years and this is the best they can remember.

-What do you take home after such an extensive race in MotoGP?

-For me, when you dedicate yourself to sport, since you are little, you learn a lot about sport, about yourself and life in general. I have always enjoyed it. I have had a great experience. When you are on the bike, you are alone, but it is a team sport and I have learned to work with a team of people who usually have a high level, such as engineers, and that is a very good thing. It is a great experience that helps you grow, you get stronger and you learn from the positive that others have. I think that is the best you get and what I have learned in these years of career.

-What advice do you give Quartararo and Bagnaia for this title race?

-The difference they have is 52 points and Fabio wants to close the title as soon as possible. He is going to try it on Sunday because, if things drag on, it always gets more difficult. And I have already told Pecco that my advice is to repeat a weekend like Misano 1, take pole position, the fastest lap and win the race. It’s what I told you. The advice I have given you. (Laughs) They have a nice challenge ahead. It is a pity that Pecco lost some points during the season, because it would be more fun if they were closer in the general classification, but in any case it is good as it is.

-Is it important to finish this last race in Misano with a good result and is that possible?

-It’s a bit difficult, because from race to race we have many factors around us and we want to do something special for Valencia, but at the same time I keep running, and when you get on a MotoGP there is a high level of difficulty and risk. The important thing is to stay focused and not think that it will be the last race at Misano but that it is a real race. You have to try to give your maximum and a good result would be to try to finish in the top ten, which is not easy.

-How can you stay focused like this?

-It’s difficult for everyone, because you have to do a lot of things, a lot of public relations and what matters to the pilot is Sunday’s result. I am in that situation, but more taken to the extreme, and that is why you have to stay focused and get the best possible result. Then the rest of things come. You have to know how to handle this situation and I think it is more or less the same for everyone.

-Stoner says that one of the reasons he left is because he loved two-stroke bikes more than four-strokes, and that bikes had to be dangerous by nature to go to the limit. What do you think about what Stoner says and about her relationship with him?

-I competed with Casey throughout his MotoGP career, which was not very long, because he arrived in 2006 and left in 2012. It was not a very long period, but he showed his innate, incredible natural talent. Already from the first year with the five-cylinder Honda he was super fast. I am very happy to have been able to compete against him, because he is one of the fastest and wildest riders in MotoGP history. As for the 2T motorcycles, they could give us the grapes talking about them and the 4T ones. The 2T has great charisma, seen from the outside and when you’re flying it. Already the sound is more that of a competition bike than that of a 4T, but things are like that and at one point it changed from 2T to 4T and that was a shock for me and for the others, because we loved 2T . It is true that when you ride that type of motorcycle to the limit, you feel uncomfortable, because it is dangerous, especially when accelerating. Things have gone like this and it is not our choice, but I also like the current bike, which is more controllable, especially at the acceleration level with all the electronics, and they are incredibly fast. It is the normal evolution that could be expected, but I still keep the 2-stroke bike in my heart and all the fans too.

-What do you think of the sanction that Öncü has been given in Moto3?

-It’s the right decision. Dorna and Carrera Directorate have understood that they had to change something because the situation has gotten out of hand. The races in the small classes are too dangerous. This has happened many times and Öncü is only the first, because he caused a big crash, but many other drivers move aggressively on the straight and this is highly dangerous. You have to keep track of each rider and tell them that if someone cuts the path of the one behind by catching the slipstream of the one in front, they have to stay at home. If it continues like this, it can be too dangerous and they have to be more strict. And let those behind you know that they have to cut gas when they see a yellow flag or a fall. You have to tell them very clearly, because in the last crash you can see how some who were behind took advantage of the troubled river to gain places, and there may be a pilot on the ground. You have to monitor each driver, because for me there are seven or eight who are more dangerous than the rest and they always behave in a more aggressive way. They have to have cleaner races.

-In Italy there is speculation that Davide Brivio could return to MotoGP. Considering you for your team?

-I have a very good relationship with Brivio. He is the man who convinced me to join Yamaha in 2004 and together we have shared the best moments of my career. I really like the way you work. He is the best team manager in MotoGP. He can make a difference, as he did at Suzuki in recent years. I talk to him and, honestly, I don’t know his future, but if he returns to MotoGP it wouldn’t be with our team.

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