In Rosario they concluded the South American Games 2022. They were the first great multi-sport expression in Argentina after the pandemic, which gave them greater significance and emotion. As on any occasion in which many sports disciplines compete, there were chiaroscuros in the results.

performances promising along with others who were far from their goals. Disciplines that continue to produce results of excellence, along with others that are in an alarming decline. The different Federations and organizations such as the Sports Secretariat, Enard and the Olympic Committee (COA) should draw their conclusions through their technical areas, in order to consolidate achievements and definitively correct errors.

In this context, the COA’s recent call for the formulation of a Strategic Plan towards the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games takes on special relevance, given that a good part of the Argentine representatives in Rosario will have in Brisbane age and competitive maturity for much of the Olympic program.

First of all, it should be noted that the strategy in multi-sport Games is one of confluence towards the main goal, but also absolutely differentiated on the technical paths, the opposite would be absurd. Thus, the characteristics of each sport will drive programs where needs will be different in terms of infrastructure, development, talent detection and selection, training and competition cycles, and intermediate objectives.

Support with human resources technicians and scientists for monitoring and control objectives must be set, and most importantly, met. To do this, the agencies that supply and control must have the sufficient technical capacity, and, as far as possible, dispense with possible internal federative conflicts.

Although many people, even in sports, will find it difficult to understand that there is a very direct connection between the result of Rosario and what will happen in Brisbane a decade from now, it will be good for them to remember that, neither here nor in the world, there is nor was lasting successes without an arduous and consistent path, that modifies the obsolete and enhances the virtuous.

The opposite will be to take advantage of the traditional improvisation and the occasional shine of some talent, with which our sport he usually gives us.

* Former National Sports Director.


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