Home Sports Rosario Central defeated Central Córdoba and finished sixth in the League

Rosario Central defeated Central Córdoba and finished sixth in the League

Rosario Central defeated Central Córdoba and finished sixth in the League

Rosario Central defeated Central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero 2-0, in an intense game played in a Gigante de Arroyito grocery store, for the 24th. date of the Professional League, which left him in sixth position, along with Estudiantes.

The goals were converted by Fabricio Oviedo, in the first half, and by Ignacio Malcorra, in the second half.

Central played better at the beginning of the game and capitalized on his first arrival to perfection: at minute 8 when he launched a forceful counterattack in which Malcorra set up Campaz on the left, who got to the bottom and assisted Oviedo in great form, who jumped on the run and scored his first goal in the first division.

However, not all were roses for Central and Oviedo, who crashed his right knee against the left post in the play of the goal, to such an extent that he had to leave due to injury after 14 minutes, when Octavio Bianchi replaced him as right attacking midfielder. .

Contrary to the good that Central had done at the beginning, Central Córdoba came out of its conservative approach with five defenders, took possession of the ball and generated a handful of clear situations to tie it, such as a header from Pereyra that Broun took to a corner from 23 minutes, and a free tackle from Maciel that the goalkeeper saved from below with one foot, at 39.

Central just arrived again after 40 minutes with a pass from Malcorra to Campaz on the left, who finished off with his left foot and goalkeeper Mansilla saved the corner, after a deflection by a defender.

The complement was another game because Central took the lead with the striking change of Infantino for Véliz, and thus generated two clear arrivals in which they lost two impossible goals.

It is that after three minutes Campaz threw a cross at Infantino, who missed the goal alone, left-footed and from the front, and another traced but worse still, at seven when Campaz enabled Bianchi at the far post, also only in front to the bow, and threw it out.

Happily for Central and its fans, the team gave them a masterful play with which they defined the game, at minute 17, when Bianchi held the ball towards Mac Allister, he only enabled Malcorra to the left of the area and the 10th nailed a left-footed shot crossed below to unleash the second roar of the Gigante de Arroyito.

Central thus ended a streak of four games without victories, won fairly although they suffered in the first half, and reached sixth position and continues in the cup zone.

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