Rosario Central beat the Patronato de Paraná agonizingly

Rosario Central beat Patronato 3-2 in a heart-stopping match that had everything and that turned in the final, at the Gigante de Arroyito, for the 16th. date of the Professional Soccer League.

The local goals were converted by Marco Ruben in the first half, and by the entrants Luciano Ferreyra and Emiliano Vecchio, in the epilogue. Uruguayan Sebastián Sosa scored the two goals for visitors, one in each stage.

The game could not have started better for Central, who arrived a minute later with a great play by Venezuelan Michael Covea on the left, which followed with a cross from Martínez from the right and Ruben threw it high, only at the near post.

And, above all, after three minutes when Marinelli played with Ruben in the area, who enabled Covea back, who kicked, Ibáñez bounced and Ruben himself spliced ​​it from the right and opened the scoring. Patronato reacted with a good diagonal from Gabriel Gudiño on the right, who had him mistreat Blanco, but his right hand was contained by Broun.

The game then alternated between good play and the visitors’ dominance, which came with a couple of shots from outside the area by Pardo and Vázquez, and other periods in which Central controlled the ball.

The local arrived again when Ruben tapped a ball in the area to a defender and went alone, but Ibáñez saved in the foot by hand, and had his second clearer arrival when again Ruben opened Covea on the right, who he stepped between two defenders and left the striker alone, who hit him half-way, but the goalkeeper saved again in great form.

The first half could not have ended worse for the locals: not only could he not stretch the lead in two clear arrivals but also Gudiño threw a cross from the right, Sebastián Sosa jumped alone before the late closing of Damián Martinez and got it from head in the upper left corner.

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Central went through all the states of mind in the complement, in which he was about to put himself ahead, but went on to lose it in another incredible play, he looked for it with good football and turned it around in the end.

The first incredible play came when the admitted Vecchio – the figure on the court, who was returning from an injury – hit a free kick from the left, Ferreyra headed alone, the ball hit the right post and crossed the goal, and Damián Martínez entered only on the right and a very clear situation was lost, when crossing the right hand, with Ruben and Lucas Gamba alone to push it.

And since the bad ones are usually accompanied, Broun rejected headlong outside the area, but he did it towards the middle, Canteros hit him a first-class volley from his field and the ball flew more than 60 meters, hit the crossbar and fell to Sosa, who just had to push her.

When the game had become more uphill, he tied it: Zabala extended Gamba on the right, who reached the bottom and sent a cross past Luciano Ferreyra, who touched it from the right to the far post.

And in the discount came the goal of victory, which was also woven by three substitutes: Francesco Lo Celso hooked on the left and played with Gamba, who threw a diagonal and enabled Vecchio’s solitary entrance through the middle of the area, who settled down, he waited for the moment and touched it softly, from the right, and put it down, next to the far post.


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