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Rosalía shares her bachata playlist on Twitter

Rosalía comparte su playlist de bachata en Twitter

Bachata is an extremely contagious rhythm that over the years has remained one of the favorite genres of both the general public and many public figures. Rosalía is a sample of that, since through the social network Twitter, she shared with her followers her Spotify playlist that includes her favorite bachatas.

The interpreter of “Linda” showed yesterday in a tweet the recent list of songs, specifically bachatas of her preference, that she had created.

In the interactions of the tweet, the fans of the Spanish artist were very happy, making suggestions about what other topics she could add to the list, and others simply enjoying its content.

In addition, they urged her to soon add bachatas of her own for the enjoyment of her own fans, since last month on her TikTok account the artist posted a video where she shared a preview of one of her bachata while dancing, which caused many of his followers will be excited by the new Rosalía.


I just made a playlist with ALL my favorite bachatas ???? hiiiiihijjhttps://t.co/Xc6NT1Uqdg pic.twitter.com/SpCnoG9ECo

– ROSAL Í A (@rosalia) November 7, 2021

In the great repertoire you can find songs such as “Bubbles of Love” by Juan Luis Guerra, “Dile al Amor” and “Obsesión” by the group Aventura, among others.

It also contains songs by some exponents of the same genre such as Prince Royce, Anthony Santos, Luis Vargas, Frank Reyes and more.


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