Rosalía once again refers to her false photos:

The singer Rosalía thundered again against the singer JC Reyes, who went viral for posting edited photos of the artist posing without a brathe publication did not please the Spanish woman who for the second time refers to the subject and He has stated that women deserve respect.

Through her Twitter account, the interpreter of “Motomami” stated that she does not know the creator of the images, accusing him of using her for a marketing strategy.

A woman’s body is not public property, it is not a commodity for your marketing strategy. Those photos were edited and you created a false narrative around when I don’t even know you,” said the singer-songwriter.

He also referred to the people who have been sharing the photos, making fun of the event. “There is such a thing as consent and all of you who found it funny or plausible I sincerely hope that one day you learn that you come from a woman, that women are sacred and that we have to be respected. bye”, he ended by saying.

The images, which show the composer posing topless nude, were published on the internet a few days ago and soon went viral due to the reactions they provoked from Internet users, where many described the action as “disrespectful.”

Rosalía addressed the subject for the first time, on Tuesday afternoon, highlighting that it was “a type of violence, disrespect and the sexualization of someone.”

The 30-year-old composer’s messages have been supported by her fans, who, through comments on social networks, ask her to sue the person responsible for editing her photos.

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