Rosa Pistola doesn’t strive for fame, she strives for the best reggaeton

Gun Pink I grew up listening Reggaeton and that’s exactly why she didn’t like it so much, but when this Colombian moved to Mexico, she discovered the world of Cumbia tone and began his journey to becoming an icon of the genre.

“It’s a style that goes against everything aesthetically, visually and sonically,” he told us in an interview with playgroundbefore his participation in the Bahidora Festival in February 2024.

Cumbiatón is special for a variety of reasons. On a technical level it has a much higher speed than reggaeton, it’s a super fast tempo. This also includes sounds that are not normally heard in music, such as recordings of fairs or events on the street.

“It gives me a very unique expression of what Mexican neighborhood cultureThat’s why it’s very special for me.”

A career that came alone (but not easy)

Rosa Pistola’s DJ career came about by chance, simply because she had a good selection of reggaeton in her house. The difficult thing about being an underground DJ when he started out in Mexico was what the night entailed in the neighborhoods he performed in, the shootings and the things that happened were part of the job.

Since then, reggaeton has developed and grown significantly in Mexico. We are currently witnessing the birth of the first very successful Mexican reggaeton artists.

“The reggaeton scene in Mexico is currently booming. It’s very nice to be able to witness the explosion of these first super-famous Mexican reggaeton singers.”

As a DJ, Rosa Pistola has to look for new musical influences every month, she can’t always play the same thing. Currently she is heavily inspired by Brazilian underground rhythms, especially funk.

“It sounds badly mixed and dirty, but it has a lot of spirit and energy.”

Bad Gyal is a huge inspiration to Rosa Pistola, not because he loves all of her songs, but because he met her before her fame exploded, saw her hunger and watched her grow into the artist she is now.

Tour 2024

Rosa Pistola will be touring as a DJ all next year, but she is also bringing a new proposal for her label and music studio. This proposal may be aimed at a smaller audience, but she is not aiming for fame, but for solid and respectable projects.

“I don’t strive for fame, but for solid and respectable projects, so I want to direct my work towards that.”

Their proposal is to release music in carefully curated physical formats, 100% aimed at DJs and the club environment and inspired by Latin American underground sounds.

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