Roque remains on hold

Unless there is a change in plans, and if there is one that has not been officially announced, Las Palmas group training starts in five days, on Monday, July 10. Regarding the preparation of the squad that García Pimienta will have at his disposal, it is not that the entity from Gran Canaria can afford large expenditures, since it competes with one of the lowest budgets in the category on its return to the First Division five years later. So, At the moment, only two signings have arrived: Javi Muñoz and Cristian Herrera, both at zero cost. The next one, like this last one, could also be a man of the house.

No large expenses are expected beyond the 1,000,000 euros paid to SD Huesca for keeping the rights of Sandro Ramírez, so the priority is not that there are more options, it is to sign players at zero cost or get assignments as cheap as possible. Within the first group The option of Roque Mesa emerges strongly, with whom Las Palmas approaches positions.

It happens that the 34-year-old midfielder from Gran Canaria complies with all the parameters established by the Sports Department of Las Palmas, headed by Luis Helguera, with a view to possible signings. Since June 30, he was released from his commitment to Real Valladolid, recently relegated to the Second Division. Not having to negotiate a transfer or loan greatly facilitates the work with a player who, on the other hand, would not need to adapt to the environment. A youth squad player from Las Palmas, he was one of the banners of his Island’s team during the first two years of UD’s last three-year term in the First Division (2015-2018). He was also one of the heroes of the promotion in that agonizing match against Real Zaragoza, when he opened the scoring, and He would meet again, among others, with Jonathan Viera on the field and with Vicente Gómez in the offices, recalling not so distant times of beautiful soccer lessons in the best stadiums in Spain. He also coincided with Luis Helguera, today sports director and technical secretary at that time. It wouldn’t be for familiar faces either.

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In any case, this It seems like the opportune summer to face Roque’s return home six years after that transfer to Swansea that he left in the coffers of Las Palmas around 12,500,000 euros. Roque’s cache could be an impediment to specify his return, But the 34 years of midfielder invite us to think about the need to return home. Nor is it that Las Palmas has an extreme need to reinforce that position (Mfulu, Fabio, Loiodice, even Kirian), but the arrival of the soccer player seems like a white blackbird that it would not be convenient to let escape either. In fact, from the Sports Union itself they are quite clear about it. “He is one of ours”, it is insisted from the club’s offices. Contacts, of course, have intensified.

Between Las Palmas, Seville and Valladolid contemplate you six and a half seasons of experience in the First Division to a player who is not lacking suitors either. As Diario AS was able to find out, one of them is not in any case Cádiz, as was commented. The market is open until August 31 but the league waits for no one.

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