Ronaldo’s letter to Neymar: “The majority of Brazilians love you”

The messages of affection towards Neymar, injured against Serbia in Brazil’s debut in Qatar, last Thursday at the Lusail Stadium, have multiplied in recent hours. The last to express his affection for the PSG star was Ronaldo, who published an emotional letter to the Brazilian star on his Instagram account in which, in addition to supporting him, he complained about the hatred that exists around his figure..

“I am sure that the majority of Brazilians, like me, admire and love him. Your talent, by the way, has taken you so far, so high, that there is love and admiration for you in all corners of the world. And it is also for this reason, for having arrived where you have arrived, for the success you have achieved, that you have to deal with so much envy and malice. At the level of celebrating the injury of a star like you, with a story like yours. Where have we come to? What kind of world is this? What message are we sending to our youth? There will always be people against it, but it is sad to see society on a path of trivializing intolerance, normalizing hate speech.”

“It is in the opposite direction of this verbal violence with destructive power that I am writing to you today: come back stronger! Smartest. Hungry for goals! The good you do on and off the field is much greater than the envy against you. Do not forget for a second the trajectory that has made you an idol of world football. Brazil loves you! The true fans, the ones who cheer you on, need your goals, your dribbling, your audacity and your joy”.

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Neymar’s injury is not as serious as it might appear at first glance. According to UOL Esporte, the Brazilian could return against Cameroon in case things don’t go well against Switzerland. His recovery is progressing well and he will be available, except for a last-minute surprise, for the round of 16 of the World Cup.

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