Home Business Ronaldinho has been linked to alleged crypto scams

Ronaldinho has been linked to alleged crypto scams

Ronaldinho has been linked to alleged crypto scams

World famous Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho, best known for his spells at FC Barcelona and AC Milan, could be one of them problems and that has everything to do with one crypto fraud detection.

Possible involvement in crypto scams

Ronaldinho is involved as an ambassador in a company named after him, 18kRonaldinho. Besides selling watches and offering crypto trading services, 18k Ronaldinho also has its own program that anyone can join. Members are promised a fixed 2% return on their crypto investments.

Alarm bells are already ringing on the Internet and the company is described as a classic financial pyramid system, as the company also offers certain percentages for recommendations. Several partners have taken legal action. The lawsuit seeks more than $61 million in damages for non-payment to its customers.

Ronaldinho has to testify in court because of his involvement. The soccer star ignored a subpoena for the second time, citing poor weather conditions as an excuse. Should the Brazilian fail to appear in court on August 31, he could find himself in trouble. In Brazil, witnesses are required to appear. If they fail to do so, they can be fined and then appear in court under duress.

Is Ronaldinho guilty?

The soccer star’s legal team claims he is just the company’s ambassador and also a victim of the scammers. His name and likeness would have been used illegally to mislead potential customers.

However, Ronaldinho does not have an innocent history. Went in 2020 he and his brother already in prison in Paraguay. They were arrested for entering the country with fake passports. If convicted, they face up to five years in prison. In August 2020, they reached an agreement with the Paraguayan courts. Ronaldinho and his brother pleaded guilty to entering the country using false passports and paid a $200,000 fine.

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