Ron DeSantis leaves the Republican primary

Less than 48 hours before the New Hampshire primary, the Republican candidate Ron DeSantis He withdrew from his party's primaries. The governor of Florida, who came second in the Iowa caucuses, did not have many chances this Tuesday and on Sunday announced to the world the end of his presidential dream through a video that he published on the social network X. “While this campaign is over, the mission continues.”

On the same broadcast, the Florida governor reiterated his support for his biggest political rival to date, Donald Trump. “Although I had disagreements” with the former president “over the coronavirus pandemic and his appointment of Anthony Fauci, Trump is superior to current incumbent Joe Biden. That's clear.” The reactions were immediate and one of the first to notice was the former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. “We just found out that Ron DeSantis has dropped out of the race,” the candidate said as she arrived at a campaign rally in Seabrook, New Hampshire, on Sunday. “Now it’s between a boy and a woman.” he assured, referring to the Republican primaries.

Polls gave DeSantis just 6% of the vote in tomorrow's primary, and in South Carolina his results weren't much more promising, with 9% support. That is why the Floridian decided on Sunday to put an end to a presidential campaign that began really promising and was gradually deflated by Trump's constant attacks and ridicule, which have degraded his image as a strong fighter until he became an insecure candidate with little strength .

The recently retired candidate, 45, was seen by many as the great option for Trump, the most realistic rival after DeSantis' crushing win for governor in the Sunshine State. But he has failed to win over independent voters who see Trump as a histrionic candidate with his manners and who is a very important voter to defeat the former president he will now support.

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Perhaps this change in strategy is the announcement of an alliance between the two politicians, with DeSantis becoming the former president's ticket partner, but it is too early to speculate on that. The decision came after several long conversations with his donors, who no longer saw any reason to continue supporting the candidate after the poor results in Iowa. “The money wasn’t there to continue,” one of the donors told US broadcaster CNN. After his departure, the electoral college consists of only two participants: Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, with the second winning all the polls and consolidating his victory in the country's first primaries.

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