Silvio Romero will no longer continue in Independiente. Tired by the wear suffered in recent times, the scorer preferred to change the air and will no longer continue in the Avellaneda club, which fired him through social networks, taking into account that the former Lanús will travel to Brazil to join on loan to the Fortress.

“I didn’t feel like facing what was coming,” Romero remarked to justify his decision to leave Independiente after four years. “As a family we needed a change of scenery. I am grateful to Independiente, I tried to give him everything I could and the leadership understood my need,” the Córdoba-born striker synthesized in an interview with TyC Sports, in which he explained that he told the coach Eduardo Domínguez the particular moment he is going through: “I told him that it was a family issue. We need something else.”

Through their social networks, Independiente made official the march of their captain to Fortaleza in Brazil, after four years of wearing the red shirt. “Silvio Romero was loaned with a purchase option to Fortaleza in Brazil. Four years, more than 50 goals and a cup. Success for what’s to come, Chino,” said the Avellaneda club.

Although the pass is on loan, Romero does not even want to think about a possible return after the experience in Brazil. “It is premature to think about a future return to Independiente. What I do thank the fans who have supported me these four years and now I ask them to continue encouraging this team, which has many young people who need encouragement,” emphasized the former player. Institute and Lanus.

The Cordovan said that he is leaving the club “with a lot of nostalgia, for everything he has lived through for four years, especially for his teammates, for the props, the coaching staff who passed by and for the people who offer love day by day.” However, he made it clear this time he made the decision to leave, something different from other occasions in which he also had offers, because “the wear was already a lot.”

“We needed a change in the family environment, everyone knows the problems we have and a change of scenery there is good for us as a family and we agreed,” said the striker, whose son Mateo requires special treatment because he suffers from cerebral palsy.



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