Home World Romania condemns Russian attacks ‘very close’ to its border

Romania condemns Russian attacks ‘very close’ to its border

Romania condemns Russian attacks 'very close' to its border

The President of Romania NATO member country, this Tuesday denounced at least five Russian bombings on Ukrainian soil “very, very close” to the border. The comments come a day after Moscow launched a drone strike against Ukrainian facilities on the Danube border.

“Attacks were registered 800 meters from our border. “In other words: very, very close,” Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said during a joint press conference with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

Bucharest on Monday denied Kiev, which reported that several Russian drones crashed and exploded on Romanian territory during the attack on the Danube port of Ismail. In this regard, the spokesman for the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Oleg Nikolenkodenounced an incident of this nature during a wave of attacks on the Odessa region.

However, the Romanian Ministry of Defense indicated in a later statement that it could verify this after observing the attacks on Ukraine “in real time”. The national territory was never threatenedaccording to the official news agency.

“There were no parts, no drones, no other components of any other device that reached Romania,” Iohannis said Tuesday, expressing concern that the bombings took place “so close to the Romanian border.” From the Cincu military base in the center of the country, which is also a member of the European Union, Iohannis said he was “on alert” for any eventuality.

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