Home Sports Roman Reigns receives the pin 1294 days later

Roman Reigns receives the pin 1294 days later

Roman Reigns receives the pin 1294 days later

WWE undisputed world champion Roman Reigns saw his winning streak cut short more than 1,000 days without losing a match on the count of three last July 1 at the Money in the Bank maint event.

The Tribal Chief had a practically unblemished record of victories since 2019. the only defeats that he has had to his credit in this period have been via count out, disqualification, or it was a classmate of his who received the pin in the case of combat in pairs or groups.

Baron Corbin was the last fighter to cover Roman Reigns he December 16, 2019 at the TLC event: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. After this, Roman Reigns with his version of Tribal Chief has tyrannized WWE to the point of having the longest maximum reign of the last 36 years. You haven’t seen a similar mark on a superstar since 1986..

His more than 1,000 days holding the WWE Universal Championship places him on a select list of legends who have achieved four figures in a single reign.

Jey Uso, his executioner

The Bloodline has been self-destructing in recent months. First it was Sami Zayn who betrayed to the Head of the Table leaving the faction in Royal Rumble and, months later, heThe Usos took the same path. Jimmy positioned himself against his leader at Night of Champions applying a super kick which ended up costing him the match in pairs against Sami Zayn himself and Kevin Owens.

Jey Uso allied with his brother in one of the Smackdowns prior to Money in the Bank, which caused the Samoan stable implosion. The The Bloodline Civil War had started and an agreement was combat in pairs for money in the bank between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoastill faithful to the first, against The Usos.

The result of the match surprised all WWE fans, who did not expect such an extraordinary streak to come to an end at that time. He commissioned to beat to Roman for the count of three it was jeythe youngest of the Usos, thus closing the circle of their rivalry in 2020.

still heThe story with The Bloodline seems to have many chapters to write and many plot twists to come. Roman Reigns now sees how, Of the empire he built, only rubble remains and how with his cousins ​​against himthe defense of his undisputed title seems much more complicated. His world reign, now in serious threat.

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