ROI UP Group turns 13 and is celebrating by remembering its milestones

ROI UP group, Independent digital agency and martech benchmark celebrating its anniversary this February 13 years of activity. Suitable for yours “The Year of the Cat” In Challenge urban legends that associate with Cats and the number 13 With bad luck, the company gradually remembers the various milestones achieved in more than a decade.

The ROI UP GROUP, which opened in Madrid in 2011, specializes in areas such as SEO & ORM, web development, social media, paid media, paid social, data & business intelligence and creativity, among others. To achieve this, it relies on the multidisciplinary and highly specialized talent of professionals of different nationalities. This multiculturalism, with Native fluency in 14 languages, has enabled them to work with more than 500 customers from all over the world.

After 13 years of existence, it reaches the year 2024 with 8 branches in 4 countries in Europe and America. In Spain, in addition to their headquarters in Madrid, they have branches in Alicante, Valencia, A Coruña and Barcelona, ​​​​their most recent addition. On the other hand, Lisbon is home to one of its oldest headquarters, opened a few months after its founding. Latin America is another business focus with a presence in Mexico City and Bogotá.

At the top of the agencies in your industry

The ROI UP Group was founded in the middle of the year Era of digital change and It has always distinguished itself by offering digital services supported by the latest technology. Managing the data provided via state-of-the-art platforms as well as researching and optimizing her clients’ digital strategies are a constant in her work. For this reason, in 13 years they have developed new areas of activity and specializations that have given them a remarkable position in their industry.

His most recent recognitions for his work include awards from major media and platforms in digital marketing:

  • Second Best E-Commerce Agency at the Google Premier Partner Awards in EMEA
  • Top 3 in SEO by Marketing 4 E-Commerce
  • Top 6 Social Media by Marketing 4 E-Commerce
  • Top 9 in Paid Media by Marketing 4 E-Commerce
  • Top 3 companies in independent media agencies by El Publicista.
  • Top 10 in Data Science by Marketing 4 E-Commerce
  • 2nd place in the ASPID image proposal for Ibero-American creativity and communication in the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the keys to achieving his results was the connection with the most important digital platforms in the world. They have been recognized by Google as a Premier Partner for 8 years, positioning themselves alongside the best international agencies in campaign management in the most important search engine on the Internet. They are also a Gold Partner of Sitecore, today’s fastest-growing user experience and content management platform.

They are also Amazon Ads specialists, which allows them a high level of optimization in campaigns with the global online sales giant. On the other hand, they have partnered with Meta and TikTok, the main social networks in the field of digital marketing, with which they have remarkable experience that they can transfer to a large part of their extensive client portfolio.

A clear commitment to innovation and specialization

Since its founding 13 years ago, the ROI UP Group has been characterized by one constant Updating your technological resources. In 2019, they launched DAAS Suite, a powerful proprietary platform 360° marketing automation. For many of its customers, it is a fundamental tool that streamlines everyday processes, creates automated processes to manage many tasks and manages to extract the most relevant information from each lead. This ensures that the data is optimally managed to achieve the proposed results.

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In 2022, after the global Covid-19 pandemic and with the digital boom of the pharmaceutical industry, they launched their Life Science specialization. Based on his experience and Expertise A specialized team of experts has been put together with large international customers in the pharmaceutical sector Dev, UX, Paid Media, SEO, Analytics, Creativity, SM & Communication. Consequently, they offer a service focused on the specificities of industries such as veterinary, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology or healthcare that want to identify, prioritize and plan their strategic challenges. The agency has also been shaping the methodology of the future for years: Atomic design.

The Life Science area also took part for the first time Digital observatories, market studies applied to various topics. The first of them analyzed the SEO of the 25 largest Spanish pharmaceutical companies. This was followed by observatories for the activity and management of social networks in the same sector for Spain, Portugal and Mexico. The most recent of them analyzes a new strategic field created by Food and drinksfor which they developed a new observatory focused on innovations in social networks of the main companies in the sector in Spain.

The format of Podcasting This is another big bet from the agency. ROICAST And TardeoEcommerce These are self-produced programs in which current digital marketing and its derivatives are discussed by major personalities, both from the agency world and from large companies, which in many cases are customers of the ROI UP Group.

How to Face the New Era of Artificial Intelligence: Human To AI

Artificial intelligence represents a paradigm shift that is advancing at a dizzying pace and promises to change everything. From the ROI UP Group, following its constant strategy of innovation and research, a new business and research and development area has emerged that aims to face the great challenge of AI: research and AI led by experts in the field is one Department that is already working on important projects related to artificial intelligence that will be applied to the different areas of work of the agency.

One of the main concerns surrounding artificial intelligence is the social and work impacts it can bring. With this in mind, the ROI UP Group has created a concept that summarizes his philosophy about the new advances that already exist and many others to come: HumanToAI.

A humanized vision of AI that puts people at the center in the face of new technologies. We are looking for an artificial intelligence that serves to multiply human possibilities and work abilities. In the face of catastrophic and negative visions, HumanToAi It is the human alternative who strive for a qualitative leap in their skills and standard of living.

After 13 years at the forefront of the digital sector, ROI UP Group is facing a 2024 full of new challenges and major projects.

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