Rohit Sharma was left behind, this player scored the most runs in T20I

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  • Martin Guptill played a short 15-run innings against the West Indies
  • Martin Guptill becomes the leading career scorer in T20Is
  • Rohit Sharma trailing by three runs, now captured at number two

Most runs in the top 5 hitters of T20I: When does the name of the batsman who has scored the most runs in T20 International cricket change? Sometimes India team captain Rohit Sharma sits on it and sometimes New Zealand starter Martin Guptill comes. The difference between these two hitters is so small that it changes after every game. Now the India team captain Rohit Sharma is resting but Martin Guptill is playing. Martin Guptill outplayed Rohit Sharma as he played the T20 match against the West Indies.

The T20 series is played between New Zealand and the West Indies

Martin Guptill now has the most races in T20 Internationals. Guptill scored just 15 runs against the West Indies, but even after that he outscored Rohit Sharma. Guptill scored 15 runs off 13 balls, during which he posted a six and a four. Now Martin Guptill has 3490 races to his name. In the second number is the captain of the India team, Rohit Sharma, whose name is 3487 runs. After this, former captain Virat Kohli is at number three, whose name is 3308 runs. Paul Starling is at number four, who has scored 2975 runs so far. There are 2855 runs on number five. The difference between the first and second number batsman is very less. However, even Virat Kohli is not far behind. If Virat Kohli comes into the Asian Cup fit and executes properly, then he too will be in a position to move up this list.

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most races in T20I

Image Source: India TV

most races in T20I

Rohit Sharma can be number one again at the 2022 Asian Cup

Rohit Sharma may have been left behind, but it’s not that Rohit Sharma can’t outrun Guptill soon. Rohit is not currently playing in the Zimbabwe series, where one-day matches will be played, but after that, Rohit Sharma will be back in the Asian Cup. The first match that the Indian team will play against Pakistan, Rohit Sharma will play in it. Hopes are high that Rohit Sharma can put Guptill behind in this match. All eyes will be on Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli to see how these two players perform in the Asian Cup.

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